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Borrowing Policy


Loan Privilege

Following categories of members shall observe the loan schedule mentioned against each:


Teaching faculty members: 10 books for one semester
Staff:  4 books for 30 days
Ms students:   5 books for 30 days
PhD / Research members:  8 books for 30 days

Terms of Loan

Information material of the following nature shall not be issued but consulted in the library:
  •  All works marked REFERENCE such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc.
  •  All works permanent or temporarily marked RESERVED.
  •  Current issues of periodicals and newspapers.
  •  All un-processed/ under process material.
  •  Thesis, student's project/ research reports, pamphlets, etc.
  •  All works other than mentioned above may be issued on recommendation of Dean/Principal/Supervisor in temporarily loan category (i.e. for 2 to 3 hours)
  • Renewal

  •  Loan may be got renewed for further thirty days provided that no other user has requested reservation for the same.
  •  Over-due material will not be reissued.
  •  If borrowed material is urgently required in the library, it may be called back by the librarian.
  •  Librarian may withhold / restrict circulation of any material for specific purpose / for specific period of time.
  •  Books will not be reissued on telephone/though e-mail until this facility is available.
  • Fines

    Overdue Fines

    Books and other information borrowed from Library must be returned within the due date mentioned on due date slip.
    If items are not returned within due date a fine will be charged as per following:


  •  Regular loan Rs. 10/- per day per volume.
  •  Temporary loan Rs. 25/- per hour.
  •  Library Advisory Committee may reduce or exempt the overdue fine against any borrower.
  •  Membership may be ceased if fine account exceeds Rs. 3000/- till time of clearance of the fine account.
  • Loss of Books

  •  If borrowed material is damaged or destroyed borrower will be asked to deposit a replacement or fine which may be equal to the actual cost of the material at that time.
  •  In case an item or book which is a part of the set, lost or damaged, the borrower will make the payment of the whole set.
  •  If member accidentally misplace a book/ any other material and is unable to find it after a thorough search it should be reported immediately to the circulation desk to avoid overdue fine.
  •  Any borrowed material not returned or got renewed within 30 days of the due date will be considered lost.