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Academic Industry collaboration

NUST-PEFMA Join Hands for Joint Research

Dr. Adnan Maqsood, Coordinator RIC, RCMS, accompanied the delegation from NUST on a visit to Gujrat on October 18, 2012. During the visit hosted by PEFMA, the team visited Fan Development Institute (FDI) and the associated fan industries. The scope of the visit was to understand the problems/challenges faced by fan industries of Pakistan and identify the key areas of improvement in which NUST can share its expertise with the PEFMA. Based on the visit, a fan research team has been formed at RCMS to contribute its expertise on a project of national interest.
The team members are listed below:
  • Professor Dr. Khalid Parvez, Head.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Adnan Maqsood, Member.
  • Lecturer Ammar Mushtaq, Member.
  • PhD Student Junaid Ahmad Khan, Member.
  • PhD Student Aqib Chishty, Member.

    The main contribution of RCMS to PEFMA will be in the following areas:

  • Understand the flow field of fan blade through rigorous modeling and simulation techniques.
  • Characterization of fundamental design parameters in fan blade design.
  • Carry out parametric study of design parameters.
  • Optimization of fan-blade to improve air flow/circulation in room and suppression of undesirable acoustic noise (if any).
  • The study will cater for international fan-design standards so that the share of export proportion of Pakistani fans in international market can be improved.