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Industry Partnerships

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Joint Funding with Industry


Joint Projects Details

No​ Title​ Year​ ​Funding Amount (millions) Collaborating industry​
​1 ​Development of Surrogate Models for Flight Performance Estimation of UAVs
​2018 ​0.96

​2 ​Flight Dynamic Analysis of Versatile Wing Morphing Techniques for UAVs / UCAVs
​2018 0.96
​3 Aerodynamic & flight stability assessment of active flow control technology for NGFA
​2018 0.99
​Project Azm, PAC,Kamra
project azam.jpg

​4 CFD of Competing Designs of NGFA
​2018 1.65
​5 Simulation Model for Electro-Optical Engagement
​2018 0.3

​6 Design of Fins of Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) with Enhanced Penetration
​2018 0.23
​POF, Wah CAntt pof wah.jpg
​7 Detection of man-made structures / Establishment of HPC Facility
​2018 0.6
​STG, Peshwar

​8 Development of GUI Integrated with server based backend satellite imagery analysis algorithms
​2019 3.177
​9 On Development of Generalized Tracks Association (GTA) and Validation, Optimization System (VOS) by uncertainty measurement of multiple sensor tracks data through modeling and Simulation
​2019 4.98
NCW (Tech), AHQded.jpg
10​ Identification Of Losses In A Gas Distribution Network Through Reduced Order Modeling And Simulation
​2019 2.25

​11 Generation of Longitudinal Flight Dynamic Stability Derivatives using CFD for JF-17 Thunder Aircraft
​2019 5.25

​12 Estimation of Flight Stability Derivatives of a Preliminary Configuration of NGFA through CFD ​2019 0.8 ​Project AZM, PAC Kamra