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Industry Partnerships

NUST-PEFMA Join Hands for Joint Research

Dr Adnan Maqsood (Assistant Professor, RCMS & Coordinator RIC), accompanied a delegation from NUST on a visit to Gujrat on October 18, 2012. During the visit hosted by Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturing Association (PEFMA) , the team visited Fan Development Institute (FDI) and the associated fan industries. The scope of visit was to understand the problems / challenges faced by fan industries of Pakistan and identify the key areas of improvement in which NUST can share its expertise with the PEFMA. Based on the visit, a fan research team has been formed at RCMS to contribute its expertise to a project of national interest.
The team members are listed below:
  • Dr. Khalid Parvez (Professor , RCMS) - Project Head
  • Dr. Adnan Maqsood (Assistant Professor, RCMS) - Member
  • Mr. Ammar Mushtaq (Lecturer, RCMS) - Member
  • Mr. Junaid Ahmad Khan (PhD Student, RCMS) - Member
  • Mr. Aqib Chishty (PhD Student , RCMS) - Member


The main contribution of RCMS to PEFMA will be in the following areas:

  • Understand the flow field of fan blade through rigorous modeling and simulation techniques.
  • Characterisation of fundamental design parameters in fan blade design.
  • Carry out parametric study of design parameters.
  • Optimisation of fan-blade to improve air flow/circulation in room and suppression of undesirable acoustic noise (if any).
  • The study will cater for international fan-design standards so that the share of export proportion of Pakistani fans in international market can be improved.