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Course Description:

Core Courses:

3  CSE-881    Applied Mathematics for Computational Science & Engineering                                                                              
4  CSE-883    Data Analysis & Statistics
5  CSE-899    Thesis

Additional Course:

6   RM-898      Research Methodology

Specialization Courses -> Applied Mechanics (AM)

01   CSE-902   Advanced Incompressible Fluids
02   CSE-901   Advanced Compressible Fluids
03   CSE-801   Computational Fluid Dynamics
04   CSE-911   Advanced Flight Mechanics
05   CSE-872   Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
06   CSE-906   Boundary Layer Theory
07   CSE-894   Ship Hydrodynamics
08   CSE-903   Advanced Heat Transfer
09   ME-837      Non-Linear Dynamics
10   CSE-931    Advanced Numerical Methods
11   CSE-831  Finite Element Methods
12   ME-815     Advance Modeling & Simulation
13   ME-833     Computational Fludi Dynamics - II
14   SYSE-822 Applied Aerodynamics
15   CSE-845   Applied Machine Learning

Elective Courses (Communication Systems & Networks(AM)->CS&N):

01 CSE-842   Communication Systems & Networks
02 CSE-843   Performance Analysis of Communication Systems
03 CSE-844   Performance Analysis of Networks
04 IT-877        Advanced Computer Networks
05 EE-831      Advanced Digital Signal Processing
06 EE-851      Advanced Digital Communication Systems
07 SYSE-831 Introduction to Information Security
08 SYSE-832 Network & System Level Security
09 CSE-864   Network Programming

Elective Courses (Computational Biomedical Engineering (CBE)

01 CSE-885    Anatomy and Physiology For CSE
02 CSE-888    Computational Modeling of Physiological Systems
03 BMES-832 Biomechanics
04 CSE-890   Analysis of Biomechanical Systems
05 BMES-842 Advanced Biomaterials
06 BMES-931 Artificial Organs and Biomedical Applications
07 BMES-941 Advances in Biomedical Materials
08 BME-822   Selected Topics in Biomedical Engineering
09 CSE-831   Finite Element Methods
10 CSE-847   Biomedical Engineering
13 BMES-813 Biomedical Instrumentation
14 BMES-812 Medical Devices Design and Standards
15 BMES-811 Signals and Images in Medicine
16 BMES-801 Biology for Engineers

Elective Courses -> Computer Science(CS)

02 CSE-870  Petri Nets
04 CSE-869  Real-Time Systems
07 CSE-865  3D Geometric Modeling and Reconstruction
10 DME-811   Product Design and Development

Elective Courses (Bio Informatics (BI)) For PhD only

09 CSE-895  Microarry and RNA Sequencing
10 CSE-896  Translational Bioinformatics
12 BI-831       Microarray Analysis
13 BI-832       Next Generation Sequencing Analysis
14 BI-851       Computational Immunology
15 BI-852       Computational Vaccinology

Elective Courses  ((Computational Chemistry (CC)):

01 CSE-876  Biochemistry
02 CSE-884  Quantum Chemistry
03 CH-807    Coordination Chemistry
14 CSE-893  Biomolecular Simulations
15 SYSE-804 Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
16  CSE-845 Applied Machine Learning
17  DME-811 Product Design and Development


72 EE-871     Linear Control Systems
73 EE-875     Discrete Time Control Systems
74 EE-873     Fuzzy Control
75 EE-872     Optimal Control
76 EE-874     Adaptive Control
77 EE-829     System Identification
78 CSE-879  Model Order Reduction
79 EE-977     Nonlinear Control Systems
80 RIME-953 Robust Control
81 EE-976     Optimal and Multivariable Control
82 ME-837     Nonlinear Dynamics

12  CSE-845 Applied Machine Learning
13  DME-811 Product Design and Development