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Student Name    Batch Thesis Title
 Ali Raza                          ​2014 MIMO Antenna Design for Hand-held Wireless Applications​​​


Student Name    Batch    Thesis Title
Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan         ​ 2011 ​Optimum Design of RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch for Switching and Reconfigurable Networks​
​Omama Masood    2011    Design analysis and implementation of high power amplifier at ISM band
​Saleem Shahid    2011    Wide band flexible antenna for power efficient body centric wireless communication
​Muhammad Ali Babar Abassi     2011    Design and effects of hand-set antenna on human body
​Muhammad Rizwan    2011    Effects of human body on the performance of textile body worn antennas.
​Aqeela Saghir    2011    Design and development of EMC/EMI compatible switch mode power supply
​Muhammad Kamran Arshad    2011    Optimum microstrip reflectarray unit cell design for wideband operation
​Saba Fatima    2012    Design, analysis and implementation of TR module at L-band
​Benazeer Bhellar    2012    Frequency reconfigurable WWAN/LTE handheld antenna
​Sana Ahmed    2012    Design and Implementation of Planar Multiband Antenna for 4G LTE Applications
​Aqeel Hussain Naqvi    2012    Radiation characteristics enhancement of Microstrip patch antenna using frequency selective surfaces
​Abdul Quddious    2012    Inkjet printed sensors integrated with RFID
​Ambreen Javed    2012    Tunable Textile Antenna for Wireless Body Area Network


​Student Name    Batch
Thesis title
Aqeel Ahmad Qureshi
​2009 Fault aware routing algorithm to enhance networks resiliency and achieve load balancing hybrid wireless optical broadband access network
​Muhammad Ali Khalid        ​2010     ​Comprehensive design analysis and implementation of a GSM power amplifier
​Mohaira Ahmad        ​2010     ​Design and implementation of OFDM waveform for SDR transceiver
​Muhammad Junaid Bashir Awan        ​2010     ​Design and analysis of novel microstrip hairpin line filter using vis ground holes and capactive Gap
​Hammad Tanveer Butt                              
​2010     ​Bandgap engineering of iii-v heterojunction bipolar transistors.
​Muneeba Ahmed        ​2010     ​Physical device modelling and simulations of phemts.
​Maira Islam        ​2010     ​Low cost frequency modulated continuous wave radar
​Taimoor Naeem        ​2010    ​ Band notch ultra-wideband antenna