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Workshops and Seminars

​Conducted Workshops:


  1. Professional Training Workshop on RF& Microwave Engineering Solutions​
  1. Five days Professional Training Workshop on EMC/EMI
  2. Three days Professional Workshop on Antennas and Antenna Arrays
  3. Three days Professional Workshop on RF Front-End Design
  4. Professional Workshop on Emerging Trends Microwave Engineering for Wireless Communications
  1. Professional Workshop on RF/Microwave Circuit Designing
  2. CPD-Professional Workshop on Antenna Theory, Design and Measurements
  3. Introduction to PCB Design & Fabrication and Basics of Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) Issues while Designing PCBs
  4. CPD-Professional Workshop on RF and Microwave Circuits , Theory and Design
  5. Professional Workshop on "EMC/EMI Tests and Testing Facility



Seminar on RF & Microwave applications by Tahir Abbas:
A guest lecture on RF & Microwave applications has been arranged on 22nd December 2016 at RIMMS. The speaker, Tahir Abbas, is from RWR (Pvt) Ltd which one of the few companies in Pakistan building RF & Microwave systems indigenously. The seminar will discuss the RF & Microwave applications and requirements.​​