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Lab Resources
Anechoic Chamber

This facility is used to characterize antennas in the frequency range from 0.8GHz to 40GHz. The anechoic chamber is equipped with the near-field planner scanner, and far-field tower to measure the radiation pattern of a given antenna under test (AUT). The measurement software has the capability to transform the near-field data to far-field data for plotting antenna radiation patterns in 3-D. In addition, antenna arrays, RCS measurements of RFID tags and other applications where isolated environment is required can be supported by the anechoic chamber.


This lab aims at imparting EMC/EMI knowledge to students and researchers both from NUST and other universities and organizations. In addition, the facility is utilized to provide EMC/EMI pre-compliance testing of commercial products. Presently, the lab has the capability to perform testing as per European standards including Conducted Emissions, Radiated Emission, Radiated Immunity, Harmonic & Flicker, Electrostatic Discharge and Surge, Burst & Power Fail test.
Microwave Research Lab

The Microwave Research Lab houses the equipment required for impedance, s-parameter and spectrum measurements both for passive components such as antennas and active components such as power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers.

Microwave Devices and Antennas Lab

This is the first teaching lab in RF & Microwave Domain equipped with Microwave, Antenna and Microstrip trainers which are used to perform experiments at RF and Microwave frequencies. The lab also have some CAD tools like ADS (Advance Design System),HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator), CST Microwave Studio and MATLAB.