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CAE Tomorrow

In the years ahead, we cherish to pursue, with renewed vigor and zeal, our vision of transforming CAE into a centre of excellence for Aeronautical Engineering Education and Research in Pakistan. In order to realize our vision, specific short and long term goals have been established.


  • To achieve the state of faculty level corresponding to HEC requirements in terms of number and qualification where all faculty members must be possessing PhD degree.
  • To develop an efficient faculty development program that  should identify:
  •                            Assured sources of funding
                               Administration related issues for send faculty members for PhD
                               Phase wise plan for identifying the faculty members to be sent for PhD

  • Upgradation and procurement of lab equipment to optimally support theory taught in the classroom.
  • To enhance the research thrust and to make arrangement for facilitating each faculty member to publish one journal paper and two conference papers each year. At least 25% of the faculty members should contribute towards either writing a book or a book chapter.
  • Enhance R&D projects up to a level of 50-70% catering for National priorities, defence and socio-economic needs.
  • Increase the number of professional short courses offered vis-a-vis the number of courses actually conducted.
  • To place a mechanism and adopt measures whereby at any given time each faculty member is engaged in preparing a research proposal or is a member of any research project / group.


  • To prepare a phase wise plan for sending faculty members for acquiring PhD degree keeping in view requirements of various engineering disciplines.
  • To identify the planning and administration issues pertaining to pursuing PhD studies and also the sources of fully funded scholarships.
  • To upgrade at least 40% of the lab equipment to optimally support theory taught in the class.
  • To motivate and ensure that 50% of the faculty members publish one journal and two conference papers.
  • To enhance the share of national, defence and socio economic projects up to the level of 50%.
  • To identify the offering of professional short courses.