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Head of Department Message

Avionics Engineering deals with all electrical and electronics systems used in aviation industry.  Thus, it covers basics of multiple fields, such as radio and radar, navigation and guidance, communications and networking, power electronics and electro-optics.  The Department of Avionics Engineering was established at the College of Aeronautical Engineering in 1965.  It offers Bachelors and Masters degree in Avionics Engineering.  It prepares Avionics engineers primarily for Pakistan Air Force, but also for Pakistan Army and Navy, as well as other aviation related organizations of Pakistan and Air Forces of friendly countries. 

 Over the last few decades, our graduates have been serving in key positions and have made tremendous impact to their respective organizations. Our department has six curriculum groups consisting of Circuit & Power Electronics, Communications, Guidance, Navigation and Controls, Electromagnetics, Digital and Embedded Systems and Avionics Systems.  The department has highly qualified faculty with PhD and MS from Pakistan and abroad.  The department has well equipped labs and state of the art teaching facilities.  Our degree program strictly conforms to HEC / PEC curriculum guidelines and it holds the highest rating in the recent PEC accreditation.