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Research Papers

Journal Publications:

1. Muhammad Yaseen, Mian Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Imran Rashid, Haider Abbas, Mujahid Mohsin, Kashif Saleem “MARC: A Novel Framework for Detecting MITM Attacks in eHealthcare BLE Systems”, Journal of Medical Systems (IF=2.415), Accepted, 2019, 

2. Bilal Habib, Mujahid Mohsin, Muhammad Shoaib Arif, “A Survey of Six Port Network Techniques for Direction Finding Applications”, Microwave Journal (IF=0.350), Accepted, 2019, 

3. F. Pervez, J. Qadir, M. Khalil, T. Yaqoob, U. Ashraf, and S. Younis, "Wireless Technologies for Emergency Response: A Comprehensive Review and Some Guidelines”, IEEE Access, 2018, vol. 6, pp. 71814-71838. (2018 Impact Factor: 4.098)

Conference Publications:

1. Muhammad Ibtisam Bin Iqbal, Mujahid Mohsin, Faryal Gula, “Smart-Genie: An IoT-enabled Predictive Health Monitoring System for Power Generators”, Accepted in 15th International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2019 (ICET’19), Nov, 2019.

2. Bilal Habib, Mujahid Mohsin, Muhammad Shoaib Arif, “A Novel Approach for UWB Passive Direction Finding using 6 Port Network”, Accepted in INTELLECT 2019 (Sep 2019).

3. Tuaha Nomani, Mujahid Mohsin, “A Novel Approximate Adder Design Methodology with single LUT delay for fault-tolerant FPGA-based systems”, Accepted in INTELLECT 2019 (Sep 2019).

4. Bilal Habib, Ussama Maqbool, Mujahid Mohsin, “Safeguarding Against GNSS Spoofing Threats-A Survey of Viable Techniques and their Tradeoffs”, Accepted in ICASE, 2019 (Sep, 2019).

5. Usman Rauf, Mujahid Mohsin, and Wojciech Mazurczyk, “Cyber Regulatory Networks: Towards A Bio-inspired Auto-resilient Framework for Cyber-Defense”, Accepted in 11th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (BICT 2019), 13-14 March 2019, Pittsburgh, USA

6. H. Talat, T. Nomani, M. Mohsin and S. Sattar, "A Survey on Location Privacy Techniques Deployed in Vehicular Networks", 16th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), Islamabad, Pakistan, 8-12 Jan, 2019, pp. 604-613. doi: 10.1109/IBCAST.2019.8667248 

7. Sabeeh Safdar, Mujahid Mohsin, Liaqat Ali Khan, Waseem Iqbal, “Leveraging the Internet of Things for Smart Waters: Motivation, Enabling Technologies and Deployment Strategies for Pakistan”, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Smart City Innovations (SCI-2018), 10.1109/SmartWorld.2018.00354, pp. 2117-2124, 8-12 Oct, 2018. 

​8. M. Khalil and A. A. Alvi, "Utilizing Wireless Networks for Public Safety: An Overview of Special Use Cases", 2019 4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Sciences and Technology (ICEEST). IEEE, 2019, pp. 1–6.

9. J. N. Javed, M. Khalil, and A. Shabbir, "A Survey on Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing: Classifications and Performance Comparison", 2019 3rd International Conference on Innovative Computing (ICIC). IEEE, 2019, pp. 1–6.

10. M. Khalil, Z. Shamsi, F. U. Khan, and M. A. Shahzad, "Cloud Computing: Scope for Human Development and Inclination towards Fog Computing", 21st International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC-2019). IEEE, 2019, pp. 2514–2519.

11. M. Khalil and Z. Shamsi, "Lightning Protection Design for Radar Antennae: Musings from a Case Study", 2019 International Conference on Electrical, Communication, and Computer Engineering (ICECCE). IEEE, 2019, pp. 1–6.

12. M. Khalil, Z. Shamsi, A. Shabbir, and A. Samad, "A Comparative Study of Rural Networking Solutions for Global Internet Access", 2019 International Conference on Information Science and Communication Technology (ICISCT). IEEE, 2019, pp. 1–5.

13. M. Khalil, A. Khalid, F. U. Khan, and A. Shabbir, “A Review of Routing Protocol Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks in Smart Cities", 2018 24th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC). IEEE, 2018, pp. 610–615.

14. M. Khalil and F. U. Khan, “Exploration of TCP Parameters for Enhanced Performance in a Datacenter Environment", 2018 4th International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and System Engineering (ICEESE). IEEE, 2018, pp. 65–69.

15. M. Khalil, J. Qadir, O. Onireti, M. A. Imran, and S. Younis, “Feasibility, Architecture and Cost Considerations of Using TVWS for Rural Internet Access in 5G”, 2017 20th Conference on Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN). IEEE, 2017, pp. 23–30.