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CERN lab is research and development lab for different fields in distributed and grid computing and its applications. For last 5 years a comparatively large research group has been doing research work in different fields of Distributed and Grid computing under supervision of Dr. Arshad Ali. Hard work of this group has resulted in strong collaboration with internationally renowned institutes like California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), USA and University of the West of England (UWE) and Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva (hence the name of the lab) and number international research publication. A dedicated research lab 'CERN Caltech lab' as well as special facilities such as video conferencing facility have been made available to the research group so that researchers can easily carry out collaborative research with scientists at Caltech, UWE and CERN.
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A) 16 Intel core (TM) 2 Duo (3.00 GHz) computers with 2 GB RAM.

B) Internet facility (wired and wireless)