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In-charge: Mr. Shahryar



​iPhone Applications development at the time when first iPhones were launched by Apple Inc. The incubation facility provided by SEECS to this young company proved to be very beneficial as almost all the hardware equipment required for this company was provided by the institution, including Mac Mini Apple computers and recently the Apple iMacs procured for the Language-cum-iPhone Applications development lab at SEECS. Then an arrangement was made by the institution to bring iPhone development projects from Silicon Valley in the United Stated on which Shahryar's team could work and build their company. These details surely could provide an example to other higher education institutions and universities of Pakistan about how entrepreneurship could be developed in our country. LAB 12-1.jpg


  • MAC OS X
  • Hardware:

  • Mac Mini 3,1 Intel core 2 Duo (2GHz) with 1 GB RAM