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Semantic Systems Research Group (SSRG)

​Research Group Theme:

To carry out research in semantic based system in the areas of Web Application Security, Healthcare Systems Interoperability. The group has interest in high performance computing and storage systems as well.

Overall Group Objectives:

Prepare students for conducting research in a way to apply in real environment.

Application Domain:

  • Semantics in Healthcare Informatics
  • Web Application Security
  • Data Transmission System (DTS)
  • Current Projects:

    Health Life Horizon (HLH): Design & Implementation of HL7 Open Source Application for e-Health Services

    To carry out research in health information systems by designing and developing open source software systems as provision of concept of HL7 Version 3 in order to achieve semantic interoperability. The purpose is to train human resource and coordinate health informatics professionals in Pakistan to connect with international community.

    A Paradigm Shift in Web Application Security

    The aim of this project is to provide an effective and open source semantic based intrusion detection system at application layer of OSI model. Application layer is more exposed and prone to attacks. The system is efficient by analyzing the specified portion of http request where attack is possible and thus provides significant search space reduction with low false positive rate. The System also generates the rules automatically through inference upon attack vector (input) and knowledge base.

    MRAM Based Solution for High Performance and Energy Efficient Hybrid HDD(DTS),Japan The exponential growth of vast quantities of data in digital age is outpacing the development of system infrastructures needed to support data-driven 21 st century applications. In this research project, we propose to achieve these goals by designing Hybrid HDD (HHDD) using MRAM (Magneto-resistive Random Access Memory) cascaded with the Flash Memory through FPGA based controller in-order to provide both power efficiency and memory capacity.

    For more details please visit SSRG Website []

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