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Course Description

The Avionics Engineering programme is also inter-disciplinary in nature wherein 47% credit hours pertain to subjects related to Avionics Engineering while 29% to Humanities & Sciences, 12% each to Aerospace, 11% to Industrial Engineering and 1% to Military Sciences.

The avionics Engineering Programme is designed with an objective to instill in students the knowledge and perspective appropriate both for a professional career and pursuit of advanced degrees in the fields that rely on fundamental principles of electrical engineering. Such principles and practices include rigorous quantitative reasoning and robust engineering design. This is accomplished by ensuring that students achieve both depth and breadth of knowledge in their studies and by maintaining a high degree of flexibility in the curriculum. This programme also seeks to provide a good preparation for life, including an ability to communicate in written and oral forms, and a desire to continue learning throughout life.

A total of 134 Credit hours of academic work are completed that include an independent project in the final semester.

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Avionics degree holders may seek careers as avionics, electrical or communication engineers, in the airline industry, defence-related R&D organisations or any other public or private sector organisations.