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Amenities & Facilities


There are Ten hostels for male students and two for female students at the campus. Well-furnished rooms are available on “first come, first served” basis.


Wireless Network

Wireless LAN Facility is being provided to the students in various hostels by College of EME using 802.11b technology operating at 300 Mbps. College is obtaining a total bandwidth of 320 Mbps through PERN project. This bandwidth is also available to the students through Wi-Fi network Wireless LAN facility is available at the entire premises of the college. 

 Innovative Centre EME

We provide office space to startups, to establish a working environment with a strong linkage with industry. We also have a ‘Project Manufacturing Lab’ under our flag with state-of-art technology

Model Class Rooms

The Model Classroom Project, under the direction of the ASG Department, is focusing on quality education in College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


We have a world class auditorium for different events like Convocation, NERC, Compecc, Open house job fair etc.

NUST Medical Policy for Faculty and Students
Group Medical, Health Insurance and Dread
Diseases Benefit Rider
       Group means all full time employee/regular bonafide students of the NUST.
        “Member” means a full time regular employee or a regular bonafide student of the NUST who is below 60 years of age and on whose behalf of the stipulated premium has been paid.
  • This plan would cover the medical cost of the member and his family except in case of students, in which case of benefits would be admissible for the family.
  • Family would include the spouse provided he or she is not employed elsewhere and unmarried dependent children of the employed. The coverage of Sons would at age 25 or commencement of employment if earlier.

    The Alfa Insurance Coy will pay the medical charges incurred by a member while confined as a registered bed patient in a lawfully operated public or private hospital on the recommendation of a duly qualified registered medical practitioner.
                                                                For Staff/Faculty                                For Students
                          Daily benefits                Rs. 1000/-                                            Rs. 550/-
    Expenses made by the hospital for room, board, and general nursing care.
             Hospital Special Services
    Expenses made by the hospital for:
  • Use of operation theater, treatment room and equipment.
  • Dressings, ordinary splints and plaster caste special braces.
  • Drugs + medicines
  • Laboratory test and administrating of blood and plasma (cost of blood and plasma excluded

             Hospital Medical visits by Consultants or specialist.
    Including anesthesia charges, subject to the maximum limit during any one disability
                                                                For Staff/Faculty                    For Students
    Maximum during any one                      Rs. 40,000.00                          Rs. 30,000.00
    disability per member              
    maximum number of  days         =          31 days.
    Maximum limit per maternity conferment
             Normal delivery                        Rs. 22,500.00
             Caesarian Section                     Rs. 35,000.00
    Charges incurred for any condition arising out of pregnancy or the the child birth up to the daily limit for each day during the first ten days of confinement.
    For abdominal cutting operations confinement will not exceed 31 days.
    Maximum limit              Rs. 250,000.00            for staff (faculty)*
    Subject to prior submission of personal statement of good health and the acceptability statement by Alpha Insurance Coy otherwise for faculty members limit is Rs. 150,000.00 and for student Rs. 100,000.00
    Diseases to be counted as dread disease/Critical illness
             Coronary artery by – pass surgery
    but excludes balloon angioplasty.
             Cancer definite histology of malignant growth must be produced.
    Non invasive carcinoma in situ, localized non invasive turn our, turn ours in the presence of IIIV and all skin cancers except malignant melanoma are excluded.
           Kidney failure: must be evidenced by the member undergoing regular dialysis or having had renal transplantation.
             Stroke: Evidence of permanent neurological deficit must be produced.
             Heart Attack: Diagnosis will be based upon all the following criteria.
                        History of typical chest pain
                        New ECG changes
            An elevation in cardiac enzymes level.
             Major organ transplant: Heart lung, liver or bone narrow.
             Upon the happening of any event which may give rise to a claim under this rider, notice with full particulars shall be send in writing to HQ NUST with in 30 days from the date of its occurrence.
             The NUST shall furnish to the Alpha Insurance Coy all the original bills receipts and documents upon which a claim is based.
             Alpha Insurance Coy shall not be liable to make any payment under this rider in respect of any expenses incurred by a member in connection with:-
  • Rest Cures, or custodial care or periods of quarantine or isolation.
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery unless necessary to correct traumatic injury occurring while the insurance is in effect.
  • Any disability which originated prior to the effective date of the insurance coverage hereunder, this exclusion will case to apply, however, after three moths of continuous coverage without medical expenses having been incurred for that disability.
  • Circumcision or any complication arising there from.
  • General disability, run-don conditions and congenital defects excepting congenital defect in children born, while this Rider is enforce and for which treatment is under taken during the duration of this Rider.

    Charge of life or beauty treatment of any description (or dental or eye treatment) or international self inflicted injury, congenital defects or anomalies excepting congenital defects in children born, while the insurance policy is enforce and for which treatment is under taken during the duration of the insurance policy, subject to the provision that dental or eye treatment shall be admissible if caused and necessitated by accidental injury.



    Secure Environment

    All the entrances to the campus are highly secure, with guards and personnel responsible for strict identity check and an electrically charged fence around the premises. In addition to these highly effective campus security arrangements, all hostels have protective boundary walls, security personnel and dedicated staff at each block.