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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Miss Samreen Sherif
Assistant Professor
Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
Tel : +92-51-9247550-4580

Mathematical Biology, Fluid Mechanics

Ph.D (Maths), In progress


B.Sc. (Hons.) Karachi University, Karachi, 2002 Mathematics

MSc. . Karachi University, Karachi, 2003 Mathematics

MPhil.  NUST, CAMP , 2010  Applied Mathematics

​Research Interests:

Mathematics: Mathematical Biology and Fluid Mechanics.

1.    Samreen Sheriff, Hina Sadaf, Noreen Sher Akbar and N. A Mir, Heat and peristaltic propagation of water based nanoparticles with variable fluid features, Physica Scripta, 94(2019) 12.

2.    Samreen Sheriff, Hina Sadaf, Noreen Sher Akbar and N.A. Mir, Slip analysis with thermally developed peristaltic motion of nanoparticles under the influence of variable viscosity in vertical configuration, European physical journal plus, 134(2019) 408.

​DESIGNATION ​FROM ​TO University/Institute​
​Assistant Professor 10th Jan  2014 Date​ ​NUST, CEME
​Lecturer 5th ​Sep. 2011 ​9th Jan.2014 NUST, CEME
​Tutor/Demonstrator ​2nd Jan. 2006 4th ​Sep 2011 NUST, CEME
​TVF Mathematics ​5th Sep. 2005 ​1st Jan. 2006 NUST, CEME
​Tutor/ R.A (Maths) ​16th Feb. 2004 ​4th Sep. 2005 ​Air University, E-9 Sector, Islamabad

Courses Taught

​MATH-101 ​Calculus & Analytical Geometry
MATH-105​ ​Calculus & Vector Algebra
MATH-121​ ​Linear Algebra & ODEs
MATH-231​ ​Fourier & Complex Analysis
MATH-232​ ​Complex Variable & Transform
​MATH-233 ​Fourier, Complex  Analysis & PDE’s
​MATH-241 ​Vector Calculus & PDE’s
​MATH-243 ​Vector Calculus