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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
About Department
Computer Engineering is the practice of putting software and hardware to practical use. If you are interested in designing and fabricating of microprocessor based systems/controllers/circuits and developing result-oriented high quality software that work for the benefit of civil & defense establishments or people, then you should surely consider joining Department of Computer Engineering, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering – the biggest constituent College of NUST.
We offer a broad spectrum of subjects covering major subjects such as programming, data structures, mathematics, logic design, computer architecture, operating systems, microprocessor-based design, software engineering, integrated circuits, signals and filters, computer networks, database engineering, computer graphics, communication systems, digital instrumentation, digital system design, digital image processing, artificial systems, digital signal processing, design project, control systems, electronics, network analysis, linear circuit analysis and computer-aided-drawing besides teaching eighteen courses of basic sciences & humanities.