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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Symposium 2014
Start Date 
End Date 
NUST College of EME, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi

Symposium , a conference during which top Engineers, Professors, Researchers and leading personalities in the field of electronics and computers from all over Pakistan honored with their presence to hold talks, discuss their opinions, work and researches related to their respective professional fields and study areas. These sessions were extremely useful for passionate students and tech aficionados, who crave to enhance their knowledge, want inspiration for something to work on and the ones interested in researching on new technologies.


Inclusion of such grand scale workshops provided a chance to explore, discuss and get familiar with the product and contribution of market leaders in the world of information and technology. Highly experienced professionals provided the participants with the professional level training for some of the most used items and products in the industry. National C&IT Symposium is privileged to have Microsoft (which although need no introduction, is a giant in the world of technology), hold workshops and impart their priceless knowledge. Workshops that were held on 24th – 25th June were

·         Modern Applications Development Workshop

·         Game Development Workshop

National Conference

College of EME organized peer review conference at national level. People from all over Pakistan can submit their research abstracts. All submitted papers  were reviewed and accepted papers were  published in the conference. Best four papers  were awarded by prize money. The conference focused on the frontier topics in the theoretical and applied engineering and computer science subjects. The conferences served as good platform for the entire engineering community to meet with each other and to exchange ideas.



·         Data Mining

·         Machine Learning

·         Signal Engineering

·         Structural Equations

·         Mixture Models

·         Nonlinear Time Series

·         Financial Econometrics

·         Software and Tools for Statistical Computing

·         Matrix Computations

·         Structured Data Engineering

·         Statistical Analysis for Functional Data

·         Genomics

·         Partial Least Squares

·         Recursive Partitioning

·         Information Retrieval

·         Decision Support Systems

·         Text Mining

·         Decision Trees

·         Association Rules

·         Dimensional Modeling

·         Statistical Algorithm for Data Engineering

·         Data Warehousing

·         Pattern Matching

·         Rule-Based Algorithms

·         Clustering

·         Web Mining

·         Spatial Data Mining

·         Knowledge Engineering

·         Knowledge Management Methods

·         Information Extraction

·         Discovery Techniques

·         Database Engineering

·         Data Security

·         Software Tools

·         Content Management

·         Performance Evaluation Methods

·         Knowledge Based Applications

-         Fault-Tolerance Systems