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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr. Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah
Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Management

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi
Tel :  
Email :  

Management Sciences

Ph.D. (Management Sciences), Pakistan

Special Projects/ Trainings / Assignments

OBE audit  preparation for Washington Accord   NUST 2014

Leading Transformational Change (Organizational Capacity Development)   HEC 2004

ISO 900:2001 Certification   Team Lead 2015

Transformational Training of staff for change over from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

Development of  Performance Evaluation System (and KPIs) for an Engineering Organization in Defence Services of Pakistan.

Conduct of Short CPD Course on Inventory Management, 2015

Conduct of short CPD Course Research Methods 2016

ISO 9001: 2015  short course by TUV Austria.

Conduct of a short course on, ‘Certified Quality Professionals’

Conduct of a short course on, ‘Certified Quality Professionals’

​Journal Publications

•    Chughtai, F.A., Rasheed, M.A., Syed, T.H., Zaheer, M. & Chatta, A.A. (1986), “Utilization of Vegetative Raw Material and Agricultural wastes for the Extraction of Furfural”. Tehqique Vol IV No. 1 pp 41 -47.

•    Chughtai, F.A., Syed, T.H., Altaf, H., Rasol, G. & Bhatti, M.A. (1987), “Formation of Furfural from Sarkanda (Saccharum munja)”. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol 24 No. 3 pp 90.

•    Syed, T.H. (2008),“Contemporary Human Resource Development – A military Perspective'. The Pakistan Army Journal Vol LI No. 11 Winter 2008 pp 52-63. ISSN 00309656

•    Syed, T.H. (2009), “Democracy Vs Consumerism”. The Pakistan Army Journal Vol LI No. 11 Winter 2009 pp 87 – 102. ISSN 00309656

•    Syed, T.H., Khan, N., Baloch, N.A. & Razzaq, A. (2010), “Skill Development in Pakistan Army – Another Facet”. The Pakistan Army Journal Vol LIII No. 1 Spring 2010, pp 40 -48. ISSN 00309656

•    Syed, T.H., Baloch ,N.A. & Khan, N. (2011), “Consumer or Customer? Does the Literature Care for a Difference?” IJCRB (Inter-disciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business) Vol 2 Number 12 pp 618-628 ISSN 20737122.

•    Fahad , A. K.,  Habibullah, O.  &  Syed T. H.  (2012)  “An Empirical Study on Career Resilience and Its Antecedents Impact on The Degree Of Career Change”, Far East Journal of Marketing and Management Vol. 2 No. 3 Dec 2012 (pp 30 -52)

•    Naeem, A., Fahad, A.K., Habibullah,  O. & Syed,T. H.(2013), “Change Management Process and Activities Impact  On Organizational Performance: A Case In Perspective of Organizational Culture”. Far East Journal of Psychology and Business Vol. 10 No. 1 (pp 10-24). 01Jan 2013

•    Shah, T.H., Javed, S. & Syed, S. (2013), “Internationalization of SMEs in Pakistan- A Brief Theoretical Overview of Controlling Factors”. Journal of Managerial Sciences. (ISSN 1992-4364).  Vol 7, No. 2, pp 213-230. Cat Y

•    Waqar Ul hassan, Nawaz ,M.T., Syed, T.H., Arifin, M.I., Naseem ,A. & Noor,S. (2015), “M Learning: Investigating Students Behavioural intensions towards Adoption of Mobile learning in Higher Educational institutions of Pakistan”. Technical Journal Vol 20 No. III

•    Saleem, M., Nawar, K., Tasweer H. S., (2015) “Employee Retention Through Kaizen Culture - A Case Study of an Automobile Workshop Company”  NUML International Journal of Business & Management Vol. 10, No: 2. December, 2015 ISSN 2410-5392

•    Fraz, A. * , A. Waris, S. Afzal,  M. Jamil, S. T. H. Shah and S. Sultana, (2016), “Effect of Project Management Practices on Project Success in Make-to-Order Manufacturing Organizations”.  Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 9(21), DOI:  10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i21/94818, June 2016      

•    Fatima, S., Tasweer, H. S.,and Jawad, R., (2016), "3G/ 4G Telecom Technology; User Acceptance among Educated Youth of Pakistan.”  Technical Journal, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2016 (Apr-Jun, 2016).

•    Khizer A.Z., Saleem, A.,Naseem A.,Tasweer H. S.  and Babar S., (2016), “ Maturity Model as a Business Process Improvement Methodology For Automobile Parts Manufacturers: A Case Study”.  Science international (issn 1013-5316, coden: sinte 8) isi indexed 11 d sabzazar, wahdat road, lahore, pakistan.(pp4667-4776) ( HEC Recognition Cat Y,  Downgraded to Z by HEC wef 23 Sep 2016 after publication of this article)

•    A. Naseem, Shah, S.T. H., Khan, S. A., & Malik.A. W. (2017), “Decision support system for optimum decision making process in threat evaluation and weapon assignment: Current status, challenges and future directions”  Annual Reviews in Control Vol    0 0 0 (PP 1–19)  Contents lists available at Science Direct

•    Zunaira Sajjad*, Tasweer Hussain Syed, (2016), “Analysis of Challenges to Total Quality Management: Implementation in FGEIs (C/G) in Pakistan.” European Journal of Business and Management. Vol.9, No.13. pp 25 - 29,  ISSN 2222-1905,  ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)

Conference papers

International Conferences

•    Syed, T. H., Khan, N., Baloch, N. A. & Saleem, M. (2012) “Customer Expectations an Unexpected Norm- An Empirical Study of Relationship between Customer Participation and Satisfaction”. IEEE , NUST CEME 2012

•    Saleem, M., Khan, N. & Syed, T.H. (2012) “Evolving Corporate Culture through Service Process Kaizen- A Case Study of Automobile Workshop in a Developing Country”.  IEEE Conference CEME /NUST Islamabad Pakistan

•    Mobashira A., Nadia R., Uzma M. and Tasweer H. S., (2013) “Leadership Styles of Pakistani Leaders”: How Are Pakistani Leaders Unique? Why Do They Fail?  International Conference at NUML Islamabad

•    Darwaiz Khan, Syed T. H., (2013), Information Technology: Its Effect On Organizational Performance With Moderating Linkage Of Employee. A Conceptual Framework?  International Conference at NUML Islamabad

•    Tasleem,M.,  Masood A., Khan N. and Tasweer S. (2015) “  Empirical Study of the Impact of Software Quality Practices on Product Performance in Engineering Firms in Pakistan”(paper ID 432) . International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management - UAE.

National Conferences

•    Chughtai, F.A., Syed, T.H., Rasheed, M.A. & Khan, K.M., (1985), “Sarkanda se Furfural ka hasil Karna”23rd National Science Conference Lahore Pakistan.

Designation ​Duration
Production Manager 2 Years
​Educational Administration ​10 Years