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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr Masood Raza
Department of Engineering Management

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
Tel : 03238554555
Email :  

Operation Research Modeling & Simulation, UK.


A highly motivated and focused professional having over 33 years of rich experience of managing small scale to very large scale organizations. The most recent experience includes managing a highly technical organization of 650 individuals including PhDs, engineers and scientists in which played a leading role in revitalization and automation of this Public Sector Organization. Possesses research and development, IT management, general management and leadership experience with a reputation of meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives. A highly committed individual who has:-

  • A presidential award of Pride of Performance for services in Defence Technology at national level.

  • A rich experience of managing large scale organizations of diverse nature with matching financial authority.

  • Initiated, planned, executed and successfully completed multiple projects at national level worth millions of US Dollars.

  • Designed a purpose built campus of a large sized university with class rooms, laboratories and all associated facilities. Got the plan approved from the Board of Governors of the University and submitted the planning document for execution.

  • Managed multiple academic/training departments in various stages of career.

  • Designed, developed, deployed and operated national level command and control and IT systems.

  • Been instrumental in Strategic Planning and IT Governance. 

  • Designed, developed, deployed and managed IT projects in domains of Office Automation, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Hospital Management, Education Management and Logistic Planning.

  • Expertise in Predictive Analysis using Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical models and other Modelling and Simulation techniques thus providing customized Business Intelligence to large scale organizations.

  • Experience in Process Reengineering and Automation of large organizations.

  • Managed Data Centres, Computer Networks and web based applications at enterprise levels.

  • The ability to plan, implement and enforce Cyber Security at Enterprise Level.

  • Implemented physical and electronic security measures at enterprise level.

  •  Implemented “Application Life Cycle Management System”.


​Project / Assignment ​Organization ​Role
​Command & Control System ​Strategic Plans Division (SPD) Staff / Technical​

At Strategic Plans Division (SPD), I was working as an important member of a team which was tasked to conceive, design and plan the Strategic Command and Control System for Pakistan Nuclear Forces. With an extensive effort and necessary coordination with other stakeholders, we developed architecture for Strategic Command and Control System, which was appreciated by the highest office of the Country and accepted for development in the first meeting of National Command Authority (NCA).

​Project / Assignment
​Organizaiton ​Role
​e-Office / Enterprise Content Management System CENTech, NESCOM​ ​Managerial / Technical

 With in-depth technical and military domain knowledge, I was assigned to develop office automation and document digitization system for SCCSS. This task was completed by development and deployment of an efficient and robust office automation system known as e-Office. This system is deployed across the country serving approximately 5200 users of 8 different organizations.

​Project / Assignment ​Organization ​Role
​Combat Support System ​CENTech, NESCOM ​Managerial / Technical

 In order to handle peace and war time business processes, I was tasked to design and develop Information Management System for various tiers ranging from Unit to Headquarters. My team comprising of multidiscipline resources developed, deployed and operationalize number of applications to form the complete combat support system for SCCSS. These applications include Unit Management System, Formation Management System, Budget and Finance, Automated Office Assistant, Logistics Management System and Site Emergency & Alarm System etc.

​Project / Assignment ​Organization ​Role
​System Integration & Interoperability ​CENTech, NESCOM ​Managerial / Technical

 With various heterogeneous systems in place, it is a complex task to share information between them. I received this task from JSHQ to not only interoperate e-Office across multiple organizations but also do the same with external office automation systems of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air force and ISI. With a very limited workforce, i accepted this challenge and devised a framework that ultimately become standard for application interoperability across the board. This system was developed, deployed and highly appreciated across the highest tiers including Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee.

​Project / Assignment ​Organization ​Role
​Automated Project Lifecycle Management ​CENTech, NESCOM Managerial / Technical​

 In order to handle projects of diversified natures, the need was felt to introduce automation in project management by applying industrial standards at different stages of projects. I introduced Project Lifecycle Management by installing state of the art system for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). With the help of this system higher management is facilitated to monitor deep down micro activities on a single screen.

​Project / Assignment ​Organization ​Role
​Chief Instructor College of E&ME ​College of E&ME ​Instructional / R&D

 Taught design principles of Military Command and Control Systems to Technical Military Officers at College of E&ME. Researched in the field of military vehicle hardware and software embedded systems design.

​Project / Assignment
​Organization ​Role
​Guidance Control System for ATGM Weapon System ​Pakistan Ordinance Factory ​Technical / Research & Development

 During the start of my career, was involved in the R&D Wing of Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) to design and develop the electronic component for the guidance and control system of Tube Launched Optically Operated Wire Guided ATGM Weapon System. Working in a group of four scientists we completed and tested the system successfully.

​Project / Assignment
​Organization ​Role
​Anti-Tank Mine ​Pakistan Ordinance Factory ​Technical / Research & Development

 Worked on the design and development of an Intelligent Anti-Tank Mine. This project was completed successfully within allocated time and resources with the help of another scientist from Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.






•    “Command Agent with Human like Decision Making Strategies”. Published in IEEE in 2007

•    “Variability in Behaviour of Command Agents with Human-like Decision Making Strategies”. Published in IEEE 2008

​Sr. No ​Courses Taught
​1. ​Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks, Cognitive Systems, Human Behaviour Modelling)
​2. ​Operations Research
​3. ​Command & Control Systems
​4. ​Combat Modelling and War gaming
​5. ​Information Management System / Combat Support Systems
​6. ​Office Automation System / Enterprise Content Management System
​7. ​Interoperability
​8. ​Project Management
​9. ​Computer Architecture
​10. ​Cyber Security

​Professional experience includes leading small to large scale organizations with matching financial authority. The Career encompass repeated tenures of Managerial, Technical, Academic and R&D lead appointments. The overall experience along with core responsibilities at various levels is listed below:

​Designation ​From ​To ​Role
Dir Planning & Dev /HoD CS Dept, MY Univ, Islamabad ​Oct 2016 ​Aug 2017 ​Managerial/ Instructional
​A Director General, CENTech, NESCOM ​Apr 2016 ​Sep 2016 ​Managerial / Technical
​Dy Director General, CENTech, NESCOM ​Apr 2010 ​Apr 2016 ​Technical / Managerial
​Chief Instructor College of E&ME ​Aug 2008 ​Mar 2010 ​Instructional / R&D
​Associate Professor, CE&ME, NUST ​Feb 2002 ​May 2004 ​Instructional / Technical
​Commanding Officer 118 EME Bn ​Dec 2000 ​Nov 2002 ​Managerial / Technical
​GSO-2, Strategic Plans Divsion ​Aug 1998 ​Oct 2000 ​Staff
​Coy Commander at 147 Wksp Coy / 53 EME Bn ​Sep 1996 ​Jan 1997 ​Managerial / Technical
​Instructor College E&ME ​Jun 1992 ​Jan 1996 ​Instructional