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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr Mehran Ullah
Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Management

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar road Rawalpindi
Tel :  

Operations Research, Optimization, Sustainability, Circular Economy

PhD (Industrial Management Engineering), Hanyang University, South Korea

​Dr Mehran Ullah is a Textile Engineer, graduated from National Textile University, Faisalabad. He completed his PhD in Industrial Management Engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea, in 2019. His research interests are related to operations research, sustainable business modelling, and carbon reduction. He has an extensive research experience and authored 2 conference papers and 8 impact factor publications in International Journals of repute including Computers & Industrial Engineering, Journal of cleaner production, International Journal of Production Economics, and Mathematics. His cumulative impact factor is 20.63. He is currently serving NUST as an Assistant Professor at Department of Engineering Management at CEME.

​Sustainability, Circular Economy, Closed-loop/Green supply chain management, Reverse logistics, Pricing policies and Inventory management, RFID, Stochastic/deterministic modelling, Non-linear Optimisation.

​Journal Publications

  1. M. Ullah, B. Sarkar* (2019) Recovery-channel selection in a hybrid manufacturing-remanufacturing production model with RFID and product quality. International Journal of Production Economics, (Elsevier (Netherlands), ISSN – 0925-5273), (SCIE, IF 4.998), Vol 219, pp 360-374. DOI:
  2. M. Ullah, B. Sarkar*, I. Khan (2019) Dynamic pricing and discount policy under uncertainty in retail industry. Mathematics, (MDPI Publishers (Switzerland), ISSN – 2227-7390(online)), (SCIE, IF 1.105), Vol. 7(6), pp 520. DOP: June 06, 2019. DOI:
  3. Ullah, M., Sarkar, B., & Asghar, I. (2019). Effects of Preservation Technology Investment on Waste Generation in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain Model. Mathematics, (MDPI Publishers (Switzerland), ISSN – 2227-7390(online)), (SCIE, IF 1.105), Vol. 7(2), pp 189. DOP: Feb 17, 2019. DOI:
  4. B. Sarkar, M. Ullah, S-B Choi* (2019) Joint inventory and pricing policy for an O2O closed-loop supply chain model with random defective rate and returnable transport items, Mathematics, (MDPI Publishers (Switzerland), ISSN – 2227-7390(online)), (SCIE, IF 1.105), 7(6), pp 497. DOP:  1 June 2019, DOI:
  5. B. Sarkar, A. Majumder, M. Sarkar, N. Kim*, M. Ullah (2018) Effect of variable production rate on quality of products in a single-vendor multi-buyer supply chain management, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, (Springer (United States), ISSN – 1433-3015 (online), 0268-3768(Print)), (SCIE, IF 2.496), Vol. 99(1 - 4), pp. 567 - 581. DOP: 7 August 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s00170-018-2527-3.
  6. M. S. Habib, B. Sarkar*, M. Tayyab, M. W. Saleem, A. Hussaina, M. Ullah, M. Omir, M. W. Iqbal (2019) Large-scale disaster waste management under uncertain environment, Journal of Cleaner Production, (Elsevier (Netherlands), ISSN – 0959-6526), (SCIE, IF 6.395), Vol. 212, pp. 200– 222. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.11.154. DOP: 19 Nov. 2018.
  7. B. Sarkar, M. Ullah, N. Kim* (2017) Environmental and economic assessment of closed-loop supply chain with remanufacturing and returnable transport items, Computers & Industrial Engineering, (Elsevier (Netherlands), ISSN – 0360-8352), (SCI, IF 3.518), Vol. 111, pp. 148-163. DOP: 8 July 2017.  DOI: 10.1016/j.cie.2017.07.003.
  8. W. Ahmed, B. Sarkar, M. Ullah* (2018) Impact of reparation for imperfect quality items having shortages in the system under multi-trade-credit-period, DJ Journal of Engineering and Applied Mathematics, (DJ Publications (India), ISSN – 2455-362X), Vol. 5(1), pp. 1– 16. DOP: 4 September 2018. DOI:

Conference Proceedings

  1. Ullah, M, B. Sarkar, B*. (2018). Smart and sustainable supply chain management: A proposal to use RFID to improve electronic waste management, Proceedings of International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, CIE, (ISSN: 21648689), (Scopus), 2-5 December 2018, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  2. M. Ullah, B. Sarkar* (2019). Used product quality management in a three-echelon closed-loop supply chain model with returnable transport items, KIIE 2019 Spring Joint Conference, Gwangju, South Korea.


​Designation ​Organization
Assistant Manager Production Nishat Chunian Ltd. Lahore