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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr Tariq Talha
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi
Tel : +92-51-9278050-4328

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Ph.D. (Mechnical Engineering), Pakistan/UK

​Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Turbulence, Flow control


  1. Yongmann M. Chung; Tariq Talha2011. Effectiveness of active flow control for turbulent skin friction drag reduction. Physics of Fluids 23 (2), 025102.

  2. Tariq Talha; Yongmann M. Chung. LES of transient turbulent flow subjected to temporal acceleration.  UK Turbulence Consortium. ImperialCollege London. 01-02 September 2010.

  3. Tariq Talha; Yongmann M. Chung. Response of turbulent structures in accelerating channel flow. UK Turbulence Consortium. ImperialCollege London. 07-08 September 2011.

  4. Chung, Y. M., Talha, T., Thomas, A, “The effect of a laryngeal jet on the pulmonary flow simulation”, EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics Conference -9 (EFMC9), 9-13 September 2012, Rome, Italy

  5. Tariq Talha, Yongmann M. Chung;2015. Large-eddy simulations of temporally accelerating turbulent channel flow. Journal of Turbulence. 16(11): 1091-1113.​

  6. Y. M. Chung and T. Talha ,2013. DNS of turbulent channel flow with temporal acceleration. European Turbulence Conference 14 (ETC14), 1-4 September, ENS Lyon, France.​

  7. M. Shoaib, A. W. Badar, Tariq Talha, M Wajahat, F S. Butt;  "Configuration based modeling and performance analysis of single effect solar absorption cooling  system in TRNSYS”. Energy Conversion and Management 157 (2018) 351-363.

DESIGNATION​ ​FROM​ TO​​ University / Institute​​
Assistant Professor 14 May 2012 ​Date ​​Deptt of Mechanical Engineering, NUST College of EME

Computational Fluid Dynamics - I
ME-833 Computational Fluid Dynamics - II
ME-230 Fluid Mechanics - I
Fluid Mechanics - II
ME-130 Thermodynamics - I
​ME-231 Thermodynamics - II
​ME-331 Heat and Mass Transfer​​
​​Mechanics and Manufacturing Lab - II ( Mechanics of Material)
​ME-332 Thermofluids Lab - III​​
ME-234 ​Fluid Mechanics Lab