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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr Mahmood Anwar Khan
Department of Mechatronics Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
Tel : +92-051-9278050-4316
Email :  

Robotics, Stress Analysis

Ph.D. (Mechatronics Engineering) 1996, University of Salford, UK

Robotics (Serial Manipulators/End effectors), Stress Analysis/ Vibration, Mechanical Engineering design/ Manufacturing of automatic machines

Research Publications​

  1. "The Geometry of Idealized Robotic Grasps using pint Contacts", PhD Thesis 1997

  2. "A new approach in solving Bennett Mechanism”, International conf on mechanical and Mechanism, Tianjin, China 1-4 Jul 1997

  3. "Multi finger  Robotic Griper", International conf on the transmissions and mechanisms, Tianjin, China 1-4 July 1997

  4. "On the Design and Selection of Joints in Serial Mechanism", International symposium on Machine and Mechanism Belgrade, Yugoslavia,Sep 2-5-1997

  5. "On the Design and Selection of Joints in Serial Robotics Mechanisms-II", 10th World Congress on “Theory of Machines Mechanisms Jun 20-24, 1999,Ouhu, Finland

  6. "Mathematical Model for the Design of an Ideal Robotics Grasp", 10th World Congress on theory of Machines Mechanisms Jun 20-24, 1999,Ouhu, Finland.

  7. "Modeling & Analysis of induced Vibrations in a Heat Exchange Tube Bundle", Mechanics and  Materials Design, The 4th International Conference in Nagoya, Japan June 5-8, 2002

  8. “A Review of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle Vibrations in Two-Phase Cross Flow”, Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Design ,Reference NED-3985. Elsevier, Vol 230, Issues 1-3, May 2004.

  9. “Vibration Analysis of  Multi-Span tube in a bundle” ICONE 10  proceeding of 10th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering, Arlington, Virginia, USA, April 14-18, 2002.

  10. “On the Effect of Void Fraction in Two-phase Cross-flow induced tube bundles vibration:  A review ” Proceedings of the 3rd  International Symposium on Mechanical Vibrations (ISMV)2002 Islamabad. Sept 23-27 2002.

  11. “Modeling Fluid Forces and Response of a Tube Bundle in Cross-flow Induced Vibrations” 11th International Conference on the Nuclear Engineering, Tokyo, Japan, under ASME/JSME April 20-23 2003

  12. “Modeling and Analysis of Cross-flow Induced Vibrations in a Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle” Proceeding of 4th International Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design in Nagoya, Japan, June 5-8 2002.

  13. “Cross-Flow Induced Vibrations in Tube Bundles: A Review”   11th International Conference on the Nuclear Engineering, Tokyo, Japan, April 20-23 2003

  14. “Implementing Ball Balancing Beam Using Digital Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic” 18th Annual Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005.

  15. “Coordination without Communication: Finite State Automation in Behavior Based Multi-Robot Systems “ IEEE International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies (ICIET 2007) NU FAST Karachi Pakistan 6th ~ 7th July 2007. (IEEE Catalog Number: 07EX1795, ISBN: 1-4244-1245-3, Library of Congres: 2007925366)


DESIGNATION​ ​FROM​ TO​​ University / Institute​​
Professor 2010 ​Date NUST College of EME
​​Associate Professor 1999 ​2010 NUST College of EME
​Assistant Professor ​1985 ​1999 ​NUST College of EME