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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
PhD Defence

​Sr No ​Registration Number​ ​​Name ​Date & Time ​Place ​Title
​1. ​2010-NUST-DirPhD-EnggMgmt-53 ​Hafiz Tahir Mahmood ​18 Sep 2018 (Tuesday) at 1100 hrs ​ECR, DCE ​Development of framework for implementation of electronic supply chain
​2. ​NUST201390047PCEME1113S Fozia Mehboob​ ​31 Jul 2018 (Tuesday) at 1000 hrs ECR, DCE ​Parametic Model for Real Time Identification of Traffic Violations Using Surveillance Videos​


​Haroon Imtiaz

​24 Apr 2018 (Tuesday) at 1130 hrs


Computationally Efficient Reduced Order Model for Complex Flow