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College of Electrical & Mechinical Engineering  (CEME)
Course Description
Control Systems Engineering is the foundation of modern industrial development. This sequence builds a strong base in systems engineering and links it to the control systems theory of linear and non-linear systems. A heavy dose of abstract linear algebra and control theory enables students to handle systems in domains of their interest as researchers. The continuous-time control theory is also extended to discrete-time to enable the development of modern computer-based control systems. The option also focuses on more modern and sophisticated adaptive, optimal, robust, neuro-fuzzy and learning control concepts, etc.

Why join this program

Modern developments in the world especially in industrial and military applications are mostly due to enhancements in
control systems. Most modern control systems happen to be the main technologies behind all the precision machines and weapon systems. The associated developments in sensor technologies, actuating systems, system model identification, digital instrumentation and signal processing tools are playing vital roles in these sophisticated control systems. The faculty members associated with this specialization are professional engineers and scientists, each actively engaged in research work as well as teaching.