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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Course Description

All courses cover the core subjects of computer engineering, with each offering a different specialization. Major focus is given on the application of theoretical knowledge to the solution of real problems within different organizations and industry. Department of Computer Engineering has its own powerful Seven computer Laboratories consisting of high performance machines. College LAN consists of about 2000 computers running under Window NT, Unix and Solaris operating systems. A key feature of our expertise lies with our highly qualified and professionally sound staff. Both teaching and support staff have extensive experience in their related fields. Students increasingly find themselves working for the solution of practical problems under supervision of their totally committed teachers. The Department provides a high quality learning environment in which students of all disciplines can thrive. High degree of specialization coupled with dedicated teaching resources attracts a large number of students from all over the country each year. Faculty remains at the forefront of new developments and innovation in emerging fields of information technology and computer engineering applications. Our students are well received by the industry and its allied sectors due to their sound professional knowledge and solution-oriented approach as they are able to make an effective contribution to the design, development and support of computer systems in a wide variety of applications. We are proud of our department, not just of its resources and teaching, but also of its brilliant students. We all strive for personal development as well as academic attainment through continuous improvement of courses, teaching and facilities.