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Clubs & Societies

For students the work that they do within clubs and societies is one of the most important feature of their college lives, as it provides opportunities for leadership, social development, and personal growth.  The clubs and societies within the College paint a picture of what its students consider important to themselves, to their place in College, and to their place in the world. Research studies indicate that students who participate in co-curricular activities are three times more likely to have a grade point average of 3 or better.  Participation in extra-curricular activities leads to well-developed cognitive abilities, interpersonal competence and motivation which are an important skill set for job success.  Keeping all the above in mind different student societies have been formed at Military College of Engineering which cater to varied student interests such as creativity, sports and intellectual pursuits. The main clubs and societies of the College include:
Media Club

Faculty Sponsor: Lab Engineer Nadeem Iqbal
President: GC- Tayyab
Secretary: GC- Affan Rahim
Co Secretary: GC- Haider
Asst Secretary: GC Ahsan Tahir

Dramatics Club

Faculty Sponsor: Lec Zulfiqar Ali khan
President: GC-     M. Umar Arshad
Secretary: GC-      sajawal Hussain Hassan Khan
Co Secretary: GC- Hamza Azeem
Asst Secretary: GC Sheharyar Ahsan

Science and Cyber Club
Faculty Sponsor: Lab Engr Usama Khan
President: Rizwan Anwar Chatta
Secretary: Ali Razaq
Co-Secretary: Arslan Khattak
Assistant Secretary: Usama Zia
Community Services Society
Faculty Sponsor:  Lab Engr Yasir Siraj
President: Usman Shabbir
Secretary:  Nauman Wazir
Co Secretary: Ahmad Saeed
Assistant Secretary: Abdur Rehman Khan 

Sports and Adventure Club
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Faisal Yousafzai
President: Azhar Riaz
Secretary: Saif Ullah
Co Secretary: Wali
Asst Secretary: Saad Fawad
Debating Litrary Club
Faculty Head:    Maj Naveed Haider Mirza
President: Capt Aun Raza Naqvi
Secretary: CSM Fatir
Co Secretary: TC Hassan
Asst Secretary: TC Salaar

In-line with its commitment to support all student initiatives, MCE facilitates all club activities. Some additional  activities that are organized on regular basis for students and faculty include:

•    Movies on weekends
•    Telecasting cricket matches on large screens
•    Food outlets offering Barbecue, Chinese cuisine and Sunday Brunch
•    Tambola