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Counselling Facilities


  1. ​The Counseling Service is here to promote and develop the awareness of good emotional, psychological and physical health and will highlight the importance of these all aspects of our lives.  These services help realizing your full academic and personal potential. We are interested in what leads individuals to lead more sustainable lifestyles as well as developing the necessary resilience for an increasingly complicated world.
  2. The individual counseling is aimed to develop a clearer understanding of one’s problem and thinking how you might move forward. Sometimes this can be accomplished in a single session, but it may take two or three. Most of the students find it enough to enable them to mobilize their resources and get back on track. If you go on to further individual counseling we will aim to keep this as brief and focused as possible.
  3. You can come to us with any problem getting in the way of having a good experience at MCE, whether related to study or not. You may have a longstanding problem or concern you feel you need to get to grips with, or you may be encountering new difficulties here - perhaps struggling to establish an identity, to make relationships, or to cope with academic expectations. You may be struggling with a specific, well-defined problem - say, a difficult decision or dilemma. Or you may not have any idea what the problem is, but just have a sense that something isn’t right. Whatever your situation, we encourage you to come to see us.
  4. Working with a counselor may help you to see your problem with greater clarity, get some insight into its origins, and think about how to move forward. Counseling may not ‘solve’ your problem but we hope it will equip you with some new ways to think about it while helping you to mobilize your resources and feel more in control. Academic advisors and senior instructors usually do the counseling and in some cases services of specialized experts are sought.  NUST have dedicated Counseling Centre to take care of all these aspects.