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Head of Department Message


Welcome to the Department of Transportation & Geotechnical Engineering at Military College of Engineering (MCE), National University of Engineering & Technology (NUST). The links of department’s website are intended to acquaint you with general information on our vision, faculty profile, programs offered, and the research activities in this department.


Transport sector plays significant role in the country’s economy and very aptly considered as backbone for a strong economy and key contributor in quality of life. With over people, transport is one of the rapidly growing sectors in Pakistan and according to economic survey of Pakistan, it accounts for over 12% of gross domestic product (GDP). The annual growth of transport and communications sector in the country is over 2.0% and its employment share is 6.4% of the labour force. Lack of requisite academic and administrative expertise available in this vital sector, stipulates training of human resource for the successful careers in the field of transportation engineering. 
Geotechnical engineering is a backbone of civil engineering which deals with design of foundations for structures, tunneling, disposal of waste products by burial in the ground, design of earth dams, stability of natural and manmade slopes, and a variety of other similar topics.


The department has a fully functional testing laboratory which is equipped with the state of the art equipment. The laboratory enjoys a unique honour and reputation of extreme credence in testing of engineering materials. Testing in geotechnical laboratory is supervised by qualified faculty, who, are graduates and post graduate civil engineers. Qualified laboratory staff is employed in positions of senior laboratory assistants/laboratory assistants, who are engaged in material testing tasks both in the field and in laboratory. The testing is precise, accurate and reliable by virtue of having state of the art testing apparatuses and qualified, dedicated and competent laboratory personals.




Finally, I would like to invite you to browse through our website and feel free to contact me with any queries or additional information that you may desire.