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Building Code of Pakistan – Fire and Life Safety Provisions 2016


Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and NDMA initiated the task of “FORMULATING THE FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROVISIONS FOR BUILDING CODE OF PAKISTAN”in October 2015. A Task Force Comprising of experts and stake holders was formulated by PEC.

Brigadier Dr Shahid Iqbal (Ex CI/ Dean) and Lieutenant Colonel Dr Muhammad Maqbool Sadiq (HoD – Structures) of Military College of Engineering, Risalpur Cantonment, were selected as members of this Task Force due to their expertise in the area. They worked day and night to formulate the first ever Fire and Life Safety Provisions for Building Code of Pakistan based on international codes but well adapted to local conditions.

This gigantic task was accomplished in short period of about eight months. After necessary approvals and vetting, these Fire and Life Safety Provisions have been implemented duly supported by Law. A grand launching ceremony was arranged at The President’s House on 27 February 2017 in which the Fire Safety Task Force members were recognized for their efforts.


Effective implementation of these provisions by the concerned authorities would most likely and substantially reduce fire related risks to human lives and properties. Formulation of these Fire Safety Codes is a significant achievement and an important mile stone in the history of the Country’s efforts towards achieving the objective of Disaster Resilient Pakistan.