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Academic-Industry Collaboration

Industry Linkages:

Academia-industry partnerships and linkages are vital for university as well as industry. It helps academia in promotion of their knowledge, stimulates technological innovation, improves the quality of education/ training of scientists and engineers, and contributes to economic prosperity of the nation through exposure of its students to actual field condition. It not only provides students with the training for actual industry requirements, but also helps students identify the requirements of their field and prepare themselves accordingly during their studies. MCE also actively and meticulously involves in creating industry linkages both in public and private sectors for supporting and encouraging students to collaborate with institute’s researchers, making use of its highly qualified faculty, modern lab facilities and its students. Sustainable Academia – Industry linkage is vital to get ingress in the national level projects inline with NUST vision. Recently, MCE has embarked upon proactive academia – industry linkage programme by collaborating with public and private sectors. Major initiatives include:

·    Industrial liaison office established at MCE as a subsidiary office of DD&C

·    Industry Advisory Board constituted to guide and share input for curriculum develpment improvement

·    Lab testing and consultancy svcs are being extended to both public and private sector

Projects undertaken in Collaboration with Industry

Faculty and students interact with industry and a number of projects completed/ being undertaken with Industry as follows:

·    Improvement of Asphalt Mix Design Tech for Pakistan in collaboration with NHA

·    Slope Stabilization Studies in collaboration with NHA

·    M-2 Rehabilitation Design Review in collaboration with FWO

·    Swat Motorway Design in collaboration with FWO

·    Geotech Design and Investigation of Kurram-Tangi Dam

·    Lahore – Sialkot Motorway in collaboration with FWO

·    FATA Perm Reconstruction Projects (Community Infrastructure, Health, Education) in collaboration with TDP  M&R Sectt ex HQ 45 Engr Div

Recently, various industries were reached out to solve complex problems in civil engineering industry including M/S HiTech, an Islamabad based Geotech Company which has agreed to collaborate and support the research at MCE. Salients of collaboration include:-

·    M/S HiTech agreed to collaborate with MCE is in developing 21st Century Mining Framework which involves extensive advanced numerical modeling of complex geomechanics  in excavation (tunneling and mining), slopes and dams.

·    M/S HiTech agreed to pay cost of 1 x FLAC and 1 x 3 DEC educational software and cost of training.