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Academic Industry collaboration
1.            Military College of Engineering Risalpur is a premium civil engineering school and a self-degree awarding institution since 1962. This constituent institution of NUST has foreign qualified faculty and well equipped laboratories.  Summary of the human resources at MCE and their qualifications is appended below:
Specialty / Areas
a.       Transportation/Pavement
b.      Geotechnical Engineering
c.       Structural Engineering
d.   Environmental Engineering
e.   GIS
f.   Construction Management
2.        Laboratories at MCE are well equipped and have expert technical staff in the following areas of civil engineering. The brief scope potential of each laboratory is enumerated as under: 
b.      Material Sciences.
c.       Concrete technology.
d.      Environmental Engineering.
e.       Geology.
3.      Presently MCE is collaborating with some of the leading organizations of construction industry and conducting research projects of diverse nature. The organizations includes; Frontier Works Organization (FWO), Defence Housing Authority (DHA), National Logistic Cell (NLC). MCE is outreaching and engaging other organizations to contribute in the national building process. Resumption of Postgraduate Studies in some of the rear and unique areas like, Disaster Mitigation and Reconstruction Engineering, Disaster Management and Construction Engineering Management will provide wider platform to extend the research horizon to new limits.   
4.      The Undergraduate students undergo Industrial training.  This gives wide exposure about the various functions of the Industries prior to the completion of their studies. MCE with assistance and coordination of various industries and departments is arranging Internship training to students of this Alma Mater, for Industrial exposure and comparative awareness of the state-of-art of the Industrial climate.
5.      MCE with its huge potential can provide expertise in the following specialized areas of interest to industry:
a.       Concrete, steel and composite structures design, analysis.
b.      Analysis and Design of Structures against  Disasters such as Fire, Earthquake, Blasts etc
c.       Seismic Retrofitting / Strengthening of Concrete / Masonry Structures.
d.      Geotechnical investigation and slope stability design and analysis.
e.       Slopes & Landslide susceptibility analysis. 
f.       Design of landslide remedial measures.
g.      Pavement Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Design.
h.      Highway Asset Management, Pavement performance Modeling, Traffic Engineering.
i.        Pavement evaluation at system and project level, investigate nature of problem and its probable causes and Recommend viable maintenance / rehabilitation options
j.        Pavement structural and material design
k.      Field and laboratory testing
l.        Identify grey areas in construction practices
m.    Traffic engineering: safety, management, and geometric aspects of highways
n.      Highway asset management
o.      Environmental impact assessment
p.      Highway structures analysis and design: bridges, retaining structures, parking /rest areas