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Research Groups

Research Group

Research Focus

Geotechnical and Geo-Mechanical Engineering Group:


Dr Sarfraz Ali

Dr Kamran Akhtar

Dr Mazhar Iqbal

Dr Hamid Yousafzai

1.Management of blast associated risks

2.Earthquake engineering

3.Geo-mechanical instrumentation, decision making using micro-electro mechanical sensors and artificial intelligence

4.Geo-hazards and tunneling

5.Ground behaviour monitoring, adv numerical modeling and predictive forecasting

6.Geotech & geo-prey site technique

7.Soil & site improvement

8.Shallow & deep foundations

9.Advance numerical modeling technique in complex geo-mechanics & problems (tunnels, subways, landslides, dams)

Structure Engineering Group:


Dr Aqeel Ahmed

Dr Shahid Siddique

Dr Rizwan Ahmed

Dr Qazi Javed

1.Concrete materials and technology  

2.Probabilistic analysis of structural stability

3.High strength concrete

4.Fire safety structural analysis

5.Vulnerability assessment against natural hazards

6.Risk assessment against natural hazards, Seismic assessment

Transportation Engineering Group:


Dr Wasim Irshad ul Haq

Dr Muhammad Irfan

Dr Muhammad Bilal Khurshid

Dr Anwaar Ahmed

Dr Inamullah Khan

1.Pavement material engineering.

2.Highway infrastructure/asset management system

3.Life cycle highway asset performance and economic evaluation

4.Traffic engineering and safety analysis

5.Sustainable transportation system

6.Statistical and econometric analysis

7.Transportation system evaluation and decision making.

8.Travel behavior and transport modeling

9.Transportation planning and urban mass transit systems.

Construction Engineering & Management:


Dr Rai Waqas Azfar

Dr Hafiz Zahoor Ahmed

1.Construction safety management,

2.Construction accident analysis

3.Economics in construction, ​ Scheduling, planning, monitoring mega projects.

4.Material flow & inventory management. supply chain management, operation management

5.Preparing different consultancy contracts relating to design and construction supervision.

6.Logistics, supply chain planning & management, financial management

Water Resource Engineering & Management:

Dr Irfan Abid

Engr Khurram Sattar

Dr Naeem Shehzad

1.Hydrology studies and related impact assessment analysis

2.Fluid Mechanics

3.Water resource engineering  and management

Disaster Management:

Dr Naeem Shehzad

Dr Arshad Ali

Engr Fawad Akram

Ms Somana Riaz

1.Flood hazard mapping and forecasting

2.Disaster risk and vulnerability

3.GIS applications in disaster risk mitigation and management

4.Environmental risk assessment