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MS Structural Engineering

​Our Strengths


  • Military College of Engineering (MCE), Alma Mater of Army Corps of Engineers that has always played a major role in Disaster Management and Rehabilitation of civil infrastructure damaged by disasters such as earthquakes and floods
  • MCE, a constituent college of National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) – a leading university at national level
  • Existing civil engineering laboratories at MCE and at H-12 Campus of NUST, Islamabad
  • PhD qualified faculty from the World’s renowned universities in variety of disciplines (e.g., Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water
    Resources etc.)
  • Collaboration and linkages with AIT Thailand for     Disaster Management and Mitigation


Disasters have always been occurring throughout the history of mankind but the frequency of their occurrence in last two decades has forced the world to plan effective disaster mitigation and management to reduce the risks associated with these. Pakistan has experienced major disasters with intense frequency during last decade. Pakistan started working on formulation of its national disaster management policy after Kashmir Earthquake of 2005. Establishment of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and its subsidiary organizations at provincial and district level have brought the paradigm shift from relief oriented approach to prevention, mitigation, and preparedness, commonly referred as disaster risk management (DRM). This approach is being further refined by mainstreaming the disaster risk reduction (DRR).


After 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods, Pakistan has started institutionalized training and education at national level by establishing disaster management centres. Some public and private sector universities have started/planning to start new programs in Disaster Management; however, no postgraduate level program has been started in area of Disaster Mitigation. NUST a leading university of the country once again took initiative and launched MS program in Disaster Mitigation & Reconstruction Engineering (DM&RE) in MCE (a constituent college of NUST located at Risalpur) from August 2012. This program is focused at designing, building and retrofitting civil infrastructures that is capable of resisting and mitigating effects of disasters. Primary focus of DM&RE is to design, build and retrofit buildings, bridges, communication networks and irrigation systems against most frequently occurring disasters which include earthquakes, floods and landslides.


We thank Allah Almighty for guiding us to serve our nation to the best of our abilities.


Courses Offered


Ser Course​​ Code Course Title CHs
Core Courses
1 CE-801 Advance Structural Mechanics 3
2 CE-802 Matrix Structural Analysis 3
3 CE-803 Concrete Materials and Technology 3
4 CE-804 Pre-stressed Concrete Structures 3
5 CE-805 Advanced Concrete Design 3
6 CE-899 Thesis 6
Elective Courses (any three)
Group – I: Earthquake Focused
1 CE-806 Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 3
2 CE-858 Structural Dynamics 3
3 CE-808 Seismic Design of Masonry Structures 3
4 CE-810 Earthquake Seismology and Earthquake Hazard 3
5 CE-809 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 3
6 CE-811 Disaster Risk Evaluation and Retrofitting of Existing Structures 3
Group – 2: Flood Focused
7 CE-812 Flood Hazard Modeling and Flood Forecasting 3
8 CE-813 Climate Forecasting and Early Warning System 3
9 CE-814 GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Mapping & Disaster Management 3
Group – 3: Other Disasters and Advance/Miscellaneous Courses
10 CE-820 Landslide Analysis and Mitigation 3
11 CE-821 Structural Fire Engineering 3
12 CE-822 Disaster Risk Assessment and Mitigation 3
13 CE-882 Deep Foundation 3
14 CE-830 Coastal Engineering 3
15 STAT-835 Probability and Statistics 3
16 CE-836 Construction Management 3
17 CE-831 Finite Element Method 3
18 CE-832 Steel Structures 3
19 CE-806 Reinforced Concrete Members 3
20 GIS-802 GIS & Remote Sensing Application for Civil Engineering 3


Programs Offered
MS Degree of 1.5 year duration on completion of 24 credit hours of coursework and 6 credit hours of research work (eight courses of 3 credit hours each). Maximum time for completion of MS is five years.
Frequency of Offering
This program will be offered every year in August. Admission process will commence in April. Details are provided at
Eligibility / Admission Criteria
In addition to the eligibility criteria as prescribed by NUST for its other MS programs, a candidate must possess a bachelor of engineering degree in civil/ construction management/architectural engineering from a PEC/HEC/PCATP recognized institution of Pakistan or abroad.
Educational Objectives


  • To develop general understanding of disasters, disaster management, disaster mitigation and reconstruction engineering.
  • To enable graduates to make disaster risk assessment and mitigation by using various engineering tools.
  • To develop the understanding of seismic, floods, and landslides hazards and design structures to mitigate the effects of these disasters.
  • To make the graduates capable to retrofit existing civil infrastructure to enhance its performance against disasters.
  • To develop the engineering judgment in the graduates and train them in assessing the geological and geotechnical hazards and prepare a workable solution.
  • To conduct research in disaster mitigation and reconstruction engineering to suggest effective and economical design practices and develop standards and bye-laws for various structures in the earthquake and floods prone areas.






Cell no


Dr Sarfraz Ali

PhD Mining (Rock Mechanics)



Dr Aqeel Ahmed

PhD Str Engg 



Dr M Maqbool Sadiq Awan

PhD Str Engg



Dr. Muhammad Rizwan

PhD Str Engg



Dr M Shahid Siddique

PhD Str Engg



Dr Wasim Irshad Ul Haq Kayani

PhD Tn Engg



Dr Muhammad Irfan

PhD Tn Engg



Dr Kamran Akhtar

PhD Geo-Tech



Dr Mazhar Iqbal Arshad

PhD Geo-tech



Dr Anwaar Ahmed

PhD Tn Engg



Dr Muhammad Bilal Khurshid

PhD Tn Engg



Dr Sohail Malik

PhD Engg Mgmt



Dr Naeem Shahzad

PhD Envmt Engg



Dr Arshad Ali

PhD Envmt Engg




Dr Rai Waqas Azfar Khan

PhD Engg Mgmt



Dr Inam Ullah

PhD Tn Engg