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Policies & Procedures

On a bridge between the constantly changing and modernized technical world and the wonderful past human communication heritage, lays the Military College of Signals. Perchance this college stands as a legendary acropolis of the old traditions gone past vis a vis its architecture and disciplinary standards. This college has seen more students walk through its gates as engineers than most other institutions of the nation.  

MCS is the oldest military training facility in Pakistan (formed in 1947) and by any measure, and in order to regulate college discipline and conduct of activities, certain rules and regulations have been laid by authorities that may change time to time. Following are the policies and procedures being followed at MCS 

Basic Hostel Rules.

Following basic hostel rules will be followed by all the cadets, at any cost:

  • No cadet (NC, PCs) is allowed to stay outside the hostel under any circumstances, except when on leave (including sick leave if sanctioned) or admitted in hospital when specially permitted by the authority.
  • No cadet is permitted to sleep in other cadet’s room.
  • Night roll call will beheld at the given time (2130 hrs daily). Any body found missing will be treated as absentee and will be dealt by discipline committee accordingly.
  • Cadets placed on sick in quarter list / any other kind of excuse will also attend the night roll call.
  • Smoking use of liquor / narcotics is strictly prohibited. Any cadet found violating these rules will be expelled out of hostel forthwith without any warning.
  • Each cadet along-with parents will submit written undertaking to abide by the hostel’s SOP.


The administration of the hostel will be looked after by the organization team under overall supervision of Officer Commanding MCS Training Batallion. The salient points regarding administration are as under:

  • Composition of Organizing Team. The composition is as under:-
    • Commanding Officer MCS Training Batallion.
    • Company Commander MCS Training Batallion.
    • Warden Officer.
    • Administrator Incharge Hostel (Retired JCO).
    • Security Guards.
  • Punctuality.  Cadets are supposed to be present five minutes before the given time at a given place.
  • Dress.  Uniform specified by the College will be worn to attend the classes. In the hostel, a reasonable dress and for going to dining hall, proper civilian clothes (trouser and shirt, or shalwar suit with waist coat ) are permitted. Cadets are advised to be always dressed up well. Wearing of Bermuda short, bathroom sleepers is not allowed outside the room.
  • Messing.  Food will be prepared in the Cadets Mess as per menu suggested by the food committee of students, headed by Prefect Messing and Assistant Prefect Messing. Tea arrangement / cold drinks will be available in hostel. AIl cadets will observe following:
    • General behavior, dress and conversation in dinning hall will be proper, according to our culture and custom.
    • Books, magazines, music instruments, sports items are not allowed to be taken in dinning hall.
    • No meal will be served in the rooms, except for the sick cadets. The senior cadet is authorized to check and report defaulters to Company Commander / Warden.
  • Safety of Belonging.  Cadets are personally responsible for safe custody of all their belongings. They should report at once any loss of private or College property. To prevent losses, they should not keep valuable in their rooms or else where.
  • Suggestion / Complaints.  A complaint register will be maintained in the hostel. The Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) incharge administration will put up the register daily to Company Commander in the first period for necessary remedial measures. All forms of collective action are forbidden. It is forbidden to argue or interfere with any College employee in the execution of his duty.


  • Allotment of Rooms.  All cadets will be allotted accommodation on first come first serve basis. The desirous students will forward an application to CO MCS Training Batallion through proper channel as per College policy. Students may share the room specified by name in written by the Warden / Company Commander. MCS Training Batallion will prepare an accommodation plan and that will be placed on the notice board of hostel.
  • Out of Bounds.  Following places are out of bounds for students:
    • All nearby houses.
    • All cadets classmate houses in the near vicinity without proper out-pass.
    • All places declared Out of Bound by the Station Order..
  • Cooking in Quarters.  No student or staff is allowed to cook food in rooms under any circumstances.
  • Electric Appliances. Electric appliances like small refrigerator, room cooler, electric kettle are not permitted in rooms.
  • Pets and Animals. Pets and animals are not allowed in hostel premises.
  • Cadets Guests.  No arrangements exist in hostel for overnight stay. Guest will not be allowed to stay in or visit the room at any time. They will be served tea only in the common guest room. The guest will be allowed on the specified days, Saturday, and Sunday / official holidays. From 1000-1800 hours.
  • Sports and Extra Curricular Activities.  Following facilities are available.
    • Table Tennis.
    • Gymnasium apparatus for indoor exercises.
    • Basket Ball
    • Foot Ball
  • Recreation / Internet.  A common TV room will be catered for entertainment of students. An internet connection is available at each room. Each student will bring his own computer for the subject facility.

 Leave Policy. 

Following procedure will be adopted:-

  • Out Pass
    • The days for out pass of students are Friday, Saturday and Sunday no out pass will be granted during working hours, other than in extreme emergency. The name should be entered in the out pass register a day prior to proceeding on out pass. Register will be put up to company commander the same day. In case of emergency, out pass will be granted after working hours during weekdays.
    • Out pass will be sanctioned by Company / Wing Commander.
    • Students will report back by 2100 hours.
  • Weekend / Night Pass
    • The name should be entered in the weekend/night pass register two days prior to proceeding on weekend/night pass.
    • Sanctioning authority will be Wing / Company Commander.
    • Students will report back from weekend / night pass not later than 2100 hours.
  • Students Staying in Hostel During Semester Break
    • They will leave hostel premises only with written permission from Company Commander / Warden Officer.No visitors will be allowed in the hostel. In case of any problem, the visitors should inform / consult Company / Wing Commander.
    • All students will dine in hostel.
    • Students will abide by all the rules / regulations of the College even during semester break.

Inculcation of Habit of Neat and Clean Living.

It is the responsibility of Hostel Warden / Coy Comd to inculcate good habits in students. It is to be ensured in following ways :-

  • Frequent talks/lectures.
  • Written instructions/guide lines.
  • Inspection/visits
  • Appointment holders/senior students are made to set example.
  • Giving them a practice during some specific time of making their rooms common places and surroundings neat and clean.


  •  DOS
    • Be respectful to your colleagues and hostel staff/management.
    • Always use parliamentary language. Use of foul language is taken very seriously.
    • Keep your room neat and tidy, as it can be inspected by the hostel administration without any prior notice.
    • Utilize your PC for educational purpose only.
    • Smoking is not allowed in the campus premises.
    • Report sick  as and when you feel unwell.
    • Be security conscious and take care of your valuables especially Cash, Mobile Phones and Laptop etc.
    • Always clear hostel dues well in time. Defaulters will be fined.
    • All notices/instructions issued from time to time be religiously followed.Hostel property, including washing machines, T.V and water coolers etc.
    • Always enter your name in IN/OUT register i.e while going out coming back to hostel.
  • DON’TS
    • Keeping of medicines, drugs without doctor’s prescription.
    • Possession of following items is totally banned and those who checked will be expelled from the hostel and University both:-
    • Fire arms and daggers etc.
    • Alcohols, Toxic drugs and hashish /herion etc.
    • Crackers, explosives and ammunition etc.
    • Those not keeping their rooms tidy will be find.
    • Those found misusing hostel premises /facilities will be fined.
    • If found involved in criminal/police case, will be liable to be expelled from hostel.
    • Do not allow guests in your room / hostel.
    • Driving Motor Cycle without Crash helmet.
    • Playing loud music in your room which can distrurb studies of your colleagues/side room-mates or neighbours.
    • Making noise and raising slogans.
    • Keeping electrical appliances,.
    • Fiddling with the electric sockets/plugs/appliances etc as it can be fatal/damaging.
    • Damaging any hostel property.
    • Involvement in politics ethnic sectarian and other undesirable activities. Default will be expelled from hostel without any advance notice.

Students Discipline and Conduct

  • Dress Regulations.
    • Male Students.  Following is the dress code for winter and summer dress.
      • For Winter
        • NUST blazer with MCS badge.
        • White Shirt (full sleeves)
        • Trouser worsted light grey
        • Black shoes oxford pattern
        • College neck tie
        • Black socks
        • Name plate (As per course)
      • For Summer
        • White shirt (cotton and polyester mix) half sleeves.
        • Light grey trouser (tropical)
        • Black shoes oxford pattern
        • Black socks
        • Name plate (As per course)
    • Female Students. Specimen of dress is as under:
      • For Winter
        • NUST Blazer with MCS Badge.
        • White Shalwar Kameez (Cotton and Polyester Mix) with white dupatta length of Kameez uptill Knee hight.
        • Hijab/scarf optional (Black)
        • Black court shoes with low heels upto 1 ½ – 2 inches
        • Full White Cotton socks
        • Name plate (As per course)
      • For Summer
        • White Shalwar Kameez with full sleeves (cotton and polyester mix) with white dupatta length of Kameez  uptill  Knee hight.
        • Hijab/scarf optional (Black)
        • Black court shoes with low heels upto 1 ½ – 2 inches
        • Full White Cotton socks
        • Name plate (As per course)
    • Course Colours (Name Plate)
      • Final term  - Green
      • Third term  - Blue
      • Second term  - Maroon
      • Junior term  - Black


Every Cadet is required to abide by all instructions issued by the college time to time regarding discipline. Some of the important aspects are as follows: -

  • Hair Cut. Male Cadets are allowed to keep hair till middle ear lobes which should be properly trimmed as specimen displayed on notice boards. 
  • Smoking. Smoking is not allowed in the class room and in open area. Students can smoke inside Cafeteria or at designated areas.
  • Tea Break. Will only be consumed during prescribed timings as reflected in training programs that too in college cafeteria. Students are not allowed to move around in college with eatables etc.


  • Cadets will abide by all civilized norms / courtesies while dealing with all administration.
  • Violation of public morals such as the use of indecent and filthy language, undesirable remarks and gestures, disorderly behavior for example, abusing, quarreling, fighting and insolence towards others including faculty and staff.
  • Impersonation or giving false information or willful suppression of information or cheating or deceiving.
  • Vandalism, inciting violence, use of force or destruction of University / College/ Govt property.
  • Making of speeches, shouting slogans or circulations of printed or cyclostyled or photocopied material, e-mail, derogatory to Islam, Pakistan, the prestige of University / College / Army or malign the reputation of its faculty or staff.
  • Possession or sale and distribution of intoxicants on the campus directly or indirectly.
  • Indulgence in political / ethnical / racial activity or use of students or such like organization for furthering the cause of a political party.
  • Use of unfair means in examinations.
  • Any violation of above or similar activities will be referred to College Discipline Committee for strict disciplinary action.
  • Class Discipline.

    Generally, the aim of discipline is to create a safe and happy learning environment in the classroom. All students should abide by follwing rules: -

  • All students should rise when an instructor enters the class for the first time. All students are supposed to be inside the class room five minutes before the start of a lecture.
  • No whispering or talking is allowed when the lecture is in progress.
  • No student to leave the class room without the approval of instructor.
  • If an instructor does not turn up at the time as mentioned in the training schedule, the class should remain seated and the class / course senior will report the Training Officer of concerned Department.
  • Sports Events

  • Execution.  Following are some of the general points which should be kept in mind while planning /org this event.
    • Selection of Venue. The venue should be decided depending on the events, weather, participation and the availability of the grounds. There are two available venues with MCS for arranging a wide variety of sports events.
      • MCS  grounds
      • Cadets Hostel grounds
    • Organizing/Planning Committee.  The responsibility of conduct of most sports events lies on MCS Training Batallion who on receiving the proposed sports events by different societies should arrange them.
    • Certificates /Prizes. The students could either be handed over cash prizes or certificates on behalf of the college.
    • Emergency Medical Squad. To cater for any medical emergencies a nursing staff along with a tpt should be available throughout the matches.
    • Referee. A qualified and experienced referee should be available to conduct the matches.
    • Lighting Arrangements. If the matches are to take place at night necessary lighting arrangements to be made.
    • Photographic Documentation. Each sports event should be covered by photographs which can later be used in the yearly college magazine.
    • Refreshments.  End of each event is followed by light refreshments.
    • Security Arrangements. Necessary security arrangements to be made depending upon the attendance and event.