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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
Student Projects

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2014

  •  Wear A Mouse
  •  Development of Prototype Small Satellite and its Attitude Control
  •  Denial of service to a GSM network
  •  Low cost Active Phase Array Antenna-Technology Demonstrator
  •  Remote Vehicle Control and Monitoring using GPRS and GPS
  •  Control of Environmental Variables via GSM
  •  Wireless Source Direction Finder
  •  Improving Oil Exploration Through Tensor Field Interpolation
  •  Voice Scrambler
  •  Security System Against Suicidal Attack
  •  Development of Dual Band GSM Jammer
  •  Inserting the Cells of Battery using Robotic Arm
  •  RF Frontend for C-band Conical Beam Radars
  •  Designing and Development of Wireless Charging System for Mobile Devices using Electromagnetic Radiation Power
  •  IP Network Based Energy Management and Control System
  •  Café Map 
  •  LuminAR Bulb
  •  Mobile Video Surveillance
  •  Smart Nose
  •  Viva la Market
  •  GSM Based Traffic Congestion Monitoring System
  •  Car Accident Warning and Protection System
  •  Secure SD Card Reader
  •  One time passwword based lock system
  •  Buried Cable Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
  •  Design and Development of Embedded Hardware Platform for Android Applications
  •  H.264 video Encoder/Decoder Implementation
  •  IP Packet Handling Engine for Secure Communication
  •  Development of NGN- Test Bed
  •  Micro UAV for Aerial Surveillance
  •  Identification of Concealed Weapon (CWD) in a Human Body using IR Images
  •  Localization of GSM Devices in the Intended Area
  •  Wireless Audio Video Transmission and Friend or Enemy Recognition
  •  Design of A Generic Eye Gesture Control Chipset
  •  Hybrid Renewable Energy System
  •  Android based VOIP client over 4G
  •  Design of Prototype for Search and Rescue Applications on UAVs
  •  Design of Prototype for Video Sureveillence Applications on UAVs
  •  Eavesdropping on WiFi Network via UAV
  •  Development of Android based Hotel Automation System
  •  Wireless Aiming and Engaging Module (RF Controlled Gun)
  •  Microcontroller Based Intelligent Solar Powered Chargeable UPS
  •  Wireless Power Transfer