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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
Dr. Baber Aslam
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Information Security

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Humayun Road, Rawalpindi
Tel : +92 51 9240952

Information Security

PhD in Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA

Dr. Baber Aslam did his BE Electrical Telecom and MS Information Security from Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences and Technology. Later he did PhD in Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA in 2012.

Dr. Baber has been awarded:

  • ​2 year Fellowship to pursue PhD.
  • President’s Gold Medal for securing 1st Position in Master of Science in Information Security​
  • 1 year Fellowship for Master of Science
  • President’s Gold Medal for securing 1st Position in Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  • ​​

    ​Dr. Baber is a member of IEEE, ACM, ISC2, UPE (Upsilon Pi Epsilon) Honor Society Member, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Professional Member, ISACA (Academic Advocate), EC Council.

    He reviewed foll conference/journal papers and served in Technical Program Committee


    Computer Networks, Security and Communication Networks-SCN, International Journal of Communication Systems - IJCS, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Intelligent Transportation Systems Transactions and Magazine, The Computer Journal, International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing - IJAHUC, Journal on Selected Areas in Communications--Special Issue Vehicular Communications and Networks - JSAC-SI VCN, Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, IEEE Communications Letters, Ad hoc Networks, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation System


    TPC: VTC2017-Spring, VTC 2015-Fall, MIC-Networks 2015, FIT 2015, CIACS 2015, MILCOM 2014, ISWTA 2014, BWCCA-2014, DCNET 2014 (PC), CIACS 2014, FIT 2014 (PC), MIC-Networks 2014, NCIA 2013, FIT 2013 (PC), BWCCA 2013,MIC-CNIT2012, ISWTA2012, MIC-CCA 2009, MCSE 2007.


  • ​ M. U. Aslam /A. Derhab, K. Saleem, H. Abbas, M. Orgun, W. Iqbal, B. Aslam/A Survey of Authentication Schemes in Telecare Medicine Information Systems /Journal of MedicalSystems /Springer US /1 /41/ 14 /2017

  • B Aslam /P Wang, CC Zou /An Economical, Deployable and Secure Architecture for the Initial Deployment Stage of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network/ Secure System Design and Trustable Computing/ Springer/ 487-519/ 2016

  • M. I. A. Butt /B. Aslam /Cyber Security threats and preventions/ Pakistan Army Green Book /GHQ /145-159/ 2015\

  • W Ahmed/ B Aslam/ A comparison of windows physical memory acquisition tools/ MILCOM 2015 /IEEE /1292-1297/  Oct 2015

  • MS Zareen /B Aslam, M Akhlaq/Criteria for Validating Secure Wiping Tools/ Advances in Digital Forensics XI: 11th IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference/ IFIP Springer/ 462 /321- January 26-28, 2015

  • L Aijaz /B Aslam, U Khalid/ Security operations center - A need for an academic environment/Computer Networks and Information Security (WSCNIS), 2015 World Symposium on/ IEEE /Sep 2015

  • MF Amjad /B Aslam, A Attiah, CC Zou /Towards trustworthy collaboration in spectrum sensing for ad hoc cognitive radio networks /Wireless Networks /Springer US/  1-17 / 2015

  • F. Nasim/ B. Aslam, W. Ahmed, T.Naeem/Uncovering Self Code Modification in Android /Codes, Cryptology, & Info Security/ Springer International Publishing/ 9084 /297-313/ May 2015

  • A Saboor/ B Aslam /Analyses of flow based techniques to detect Distributed Denial of Service attacks /IBCAST 2015 /IEEE /354-362 /Jan 2015

  • S Mehreen/ B Aslam/Windows 8 cloud storage analysis: Dropbox forensics /IBCAST 2015/ IEEE/ 312-317/ Jan 2015

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  • MS Zareen /B Aslam/  $LogFile of NTFS: A Blueprint of Activities/ 17th INMIC 2014/ IEEE/ 305 – 310/ Dec 2014

  • MJ Ahmed/U Khalid, B Aslam / iDevice forensics-Data integrity/  17th INMIC 2014/ IEEE /260-265 /Dec 2014

  • B Naqvi/ S. Murtaza, B. Aslam/ A mitigation strategy against malicious Primary User Emulation Attack in Cognitive Radio networks/ ICET 2014/ IEEE /112-117/ 8-9 Dec. 2014

  • M. Tariq /B. Aslam, I. Rashid, A. Waqar /Cyber threats and incident response capability - a case study of Pakistan/ NCIA, Pakistan /IEEE /15-20/ Dec 11-12, 2013

  • A. Saboor/ M. Akhlaq/, B. Aslam/ Experimental evaluation of Snort against DDoS attacks under different hardware configurations /NCIA, Pakistan/ IEEE /31-37/ Dec 11-12, 2013

  • M. S. Zareen /A. Waqar, B. Aslam/Digital forensics: Latest challenges and response /NCIA, Pakistan /IEEE /21-29/ Dec 11-12, 2013

  • B. Naqvi/ I. Rashid, F. Riaz, B. Aslam/Primary User Emulation attack and their mitigation strategies: A survey NCIA, Pakistan/ IEEE /95-100/ Dec 11-12, 2013

  • F. Amjad/ B. Aslam, C. C. Zou/DS3: A Dynamic and Smart Spectrum Sensing Technique for Cognitive Radio Networks Under Denial of service Attack / Globecom, Atlanta/ IEEE/1149-1154/Dec. 9-13, 2013

  • F. Amjad /B. Aslam, C. C. Zou/Reputation Aware Collaborative Spectrum Sensing for Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks /MILCOM, San Diego /IEEE /951-956/ Nov. 18-20, 2013

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  • F. Amjad /B. Aslam, C. C. Zou/ Transparent Cross- Layer Solutions for Throughput Boost in Cognitive Radio Networks/ CCNC, Las Vegas, /IEEE /580-586/ Jan. 11-14, 2013

  • S. Park /B. Aslam, D. Turgut, and C. Zou/ Defense against Sybil Attack in the Initial Deployment Stage of Vehicular Ad hoc Network based on Roadside Unit Support /Security and Communication Networks/ Wiley/ 6/ 4 523–538/ April 2013

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  • B. Aslam/ C. C. Zou/WIP: Optimal Roadside Units Placement along Highways /CCNC, Las Vegas, NV /IEEE /Jan 9 –12, 2011

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  • B. Aslam /M H. Islam, and S. A. Khan/ 802.11 Disassociation DoS attack and solutions: A survey /MCWC, Amman, Jordan /IEEE/ Sep 17 - 20, 2006

  • B. Aslam/ M H. Islam, and S. A. Khan /Pseudo randomized sequence number based solution to 802.11 Disassociation DoSAttack/ MCWC, Amman, Jordan/ IEEE Sep 17 - 20, 2006

    Assistant Professor, September 12 - January 16,  MCS - NUST

    Teaching Assistant, May 11 - May 12, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA

    Lecturer May 98 - April 01, MCS -NUST