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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
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Management Information Cell (MIS Cell)


Turn IT Vision as envisaged by College authorities into reality.


  • To provide support for doctoral, post-graduate and under-graduate academic research.
  • To vigorously incorporate the use of IT in teaching learning, administration, planning and management.  
  • Using technology to enhance student services.
  • Promoting effective and efficient college operations by using e-MS.
  • Upgrading and extending the college IT infrastructure.
  • Assuring comprehensive electronic communication capability for all college constituents.  
  • Teams

    Software Development Team
    ​S. No ​Name ​Designation ​Qualification
    ​1. ​RVF Bashir Bilal Siddiqi ​21C MIS Cell ​MS Computer Science
    ​2. ​Ammad Shakil Usmani ​Database Administrator ​MS Computer Science
    3. ​Nauman Hameed ​Assistant Webmaster ​BS Computer Science
    System Administration & Network Team
    ​S. No ​Name ​Designation ​Qualification
    ​1. ​Jaffar Hussain ​System Administrator ​MS Computer Science
    ​2. ​Imran Ashraf ​System Administrator ​BS Computer Science