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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Orgnisational Structure
Administrative Management of PNEC

Commandant PNEC, who is also the Commanding Officer of the unit is assisted by five main departments i.e Vice Principal/ Deputy Commandant (VP), the Executive Officer (EXO), Staff Officer NUST Affairs (SONA), Department of Quality Assurance(DQA), Supply Officer (SO) & Medical Officer (MO). The organisational structure is as follows:

Academic Management of PNEC

Vice Principal (VP - or Deputy Commandant) looks after the entire academic activities of the college. He is assisted in his duties mainly by the Training Commander (TC) and three Deans looking after the Faculty of Electronics and Power Engineering (DEPE), Faculty of Engineering Sciences (DES) and Faculty of Applied Sciences (DAS). Apart from the TC and Deans, he is also assisted by the Director R&D to look after research & development and Dir PDC to manage professional development programmes and conduct evening short course.  Director IME assists VP in affairs of Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, being established at PNEC under sponsorship of NUST Headquarter (NHQ). In addition, PNEC has also been tasked by NHQs to undertake BE and MS in Naval Architecture. This new project is being handled by Dir Project Naval Architecture under the supervision of VP. Organisational tree of VP department is as under:​​