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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
PNEC Tomorrow

Pakistan Navy Engineering College is a preeminent engineering institute of Pakistan. It strives constantly to enhance quality in teaching, research, public services personal professional grooming, economic and human development.


PNEC, an institute established in pursuit of excellence, is dedicated to higher learning, discovering new knowledge, sharing of this knowledge through education for the nation; and the application of this knowledge to benefit the humanity.

The college draws from study and experience to prepare the students for leadership in a wide range of social endeavors, including various civilian and military spectrums through its diverse degree programs in engineering and management disciplines.

Through NUST Student Exchange Program, PNEC is committed to provide international learning experience to the students that will prepare them for a rapidly changing global community.


To create a luminous future for PNEC (NUST) in which the students, faculty and staff succeed and the nation and the world benefit, a future in which PNEC be the leading institution in the world.

The college holds a two part vision

1.    Teaching and Learning

To share the knowledge, understanding, and creativity by providing a broad range of educational programs in a strong and conducive community of learners and teachers, and prepare the graduates and professionals who are responsible global citizens and future leaders 

2.·   Research and Development

To generate and preserve knowledge, understanding, and creativity by conducting high quality productive research that benefits students, scholars, and communities across the country, the nation and the world. ​