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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Dr Gul I Hina Aslam
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Sciences

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi
Tel : +92-21-48503022

C0-semigroup theory of operators, Inequalities, Banach algebra, Positive operators, Advances in functional analysis, pure mathematics, applied analysis.

PhD in Mathematics from School of Natural Sciences, National University of sciences and Technology, Pakistan. (2012 – 2016)

​Dr. Gul I Hina Aslam is the Assistant Professor in Mathematics at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). She is the chief-in-editor of the official magazine of PNEC titled “TECHNOCRAT”

She has earned herMasters leading to PhD degree with specialization of pure mathematics in 2016 from School of Natural Sciences, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad Pakistan, and the topic of her thesis is “On means and inequalities for C0-semigroup of operators”.
First and foremost, she is an advocate of the passionate, curious mind. All humans and many animals are innately equipped to be endlessly exploratory, to ask questions, and to be fascinated by the world and other minds around them. Her ultimate goal is to foster student’s passion and curiosity.
She has found that the best way for her to encourage such curiosity and enthusiasm is to root her classroom in inquiry-based learning. Students tend to learn fundamental concepts better when they know they will soon be asked to apply them to problems they find important and relevant.
​•    Semigroups of Operators
•    Generalization of inequalities
•    Banach lattices
•    Means and power means of semigroups of operators
•    Advances in functional analysis
•    Solutions of ACPs.
•    Positive semigroups of operators
•    Banach algebra of operators
•    Extrapolation and interpolation spaces
​1.    Gul I Hina Aslam, Matloob Anwar,“Cauchy Type Means On One-Parameter C0-Group Of Operators”,Journal of Mathematical Inequalities. Vol. 9, No. 2, 631-639. 2015.
2.    Gul I Hina Aslam, Matloob Anwar,“Jessen’s Type Inequality and Exponential Convexity for Operator Semigroups”,Journal of Inequalities and Applications. Article No.353. 2015.
3.    Gul I Hina Aslam, Matloob Anwar,“About Jensen’s Inequality and Cauchy’s Type Means for Positive C0-Semigroups”,Journal of Semigroup Theory and Applications. Article No. 6, 2015.
4.    Gul I Hina Aslam, Matloob Anwar,“Application of Jessen’s Type Inequality for Positive C0-Semigroup of Operators”,Journal of Statistical Science and Application, Vol. 3, No. 7-8, 122-129. 2015.
5.    Gul I Hina Aslam, Matloob Anwar,“About Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities and Cauchy’s Type Means for Positive C0-Semigroups”, (Submitted).

International Presentations

1.    Gul I Hina Aslam, “Jessen's inequality and exponential convexity for positive semigroups of operators on Banach lattice algebra”,KARATEKIN MATHEMATICS DAYS 2014, INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS SYMPOSIUM Çankırı Karatekin University, Çankırı, TURKEY.
​Over 2 years of teaching experience in the following departments of National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
o    School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
o    Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (IESE)
o    Institute of Geographical Information System (IGIS)
o    Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)

Courses taught:

o    Metric and Topological Spaces.
o    Linear Algebra.
o    Ordinary Differential Equations.
o    Calculus and Analytic Geometry
o    Complex Variables and Transforms