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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Abdul Samiah
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi
Tel : +92-21-48503084, Ext 335, Cell: 03332423392 / 03222259401

Computer Networking, Image Processing

PhD in progress MS in Computer Science, Pakistan M.Sc. in Electronics, Pakistan

He has completed his MS(CS) Specialization in Networking from PAF-KIET and currently pursuing his PhD in area of Image Processing from FAST, Karachi.


2011      PhD (Electronics Engineering) Signal Processing in progress.
2005      MS (CS)    Specialization in Networking from PAF-KIET.
1998          M.Sc (Electronics) University of Peshawar, Pakistan.
1995          B.Sc.   Govt. Post Graduate College Abbottabad. 

Courses Taught (Undergraduate EE/EL Engineering):

Instrumentation & Measurement

Digital Signal Processing
Linear Circuit Analysis
Electrical Network Analysis
Signal & Systems
Electronics Devices and Circuits
Communication Systems
Integrated Circuit and Applications
Network Analysis
Digital Instrumentation
Satellite Communication

· ISO Auditing Course From PNS JAUHAR
· Instructional Training Course From PNS RAHNUMA
· Training Courses on Radar and EW USA Based
- Training Course on Discovery Lab Systems UK Based (Communication Lab)
· IT course from Itlatic 2000 (IT Consultants)

·     MS thesis for the implementation of AES-CCMP protocol for WLAN.

·     Design & fabrication of PC Based EPROM Programmer, range 8-64Kbyte

·     Design & fabrication of Traffic Light Control System Software in C Language.

·    Design and fabrication of Electronic Score Board for Arbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar

·    Supervised various BE level projects in PNEC (NUST) Karachi


·  “A Secure Framework for Robust Secure Wireless Network (RSN) Using AES-CCMP” in 4th International Bhurban Conference 2005, Islamabad, Pakistan.

·  “An Efficient Software Implementation of AES-CCM for IEEE 802.11i Wireless Standard”, 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Security, Trust, and Privacy for Software Applications (STPSA 2007), Beijing, China.

Pakistan Navy Engineering College (NUST)

Presently I am a NUST Faculty member in PN Engineering College at the position of Assistant Professor. I joined PN Engineering College (NUST) in 2000. Other than teaching I have also administrative load. I am Assistant Head of the Electronics Department, Officer In-charge of Communication Engineering Lab, Member HEC Self Assessment Program, Course Officer of NUST Students and Manager E-learning Labs. 

Preston Institute

I have taught as a visiting faculty of Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology Karachi for three years. Where I have conducted various courses like Satellite Communication, Communication Systems, Electronics Instrumentation and Measurements, Electro Optics, etc.
Sipka Group of Companies.

Sipka is a MOTOROLA authorized company in field of wireless communication in Pakistan. I have joined Sipka as a service engineer and work on various types of VHF, UHF and HF systems. I have also completed various projects in R&D department of Sipka. 

Union Texas Inc, Pakistan. (Now British Petroleum)

UTP is a multi-national Oil Company (Now British Petroleum). Here I have completed my Internship in communication department from Nov 1998 to January 1999. 

Ideal Technologies International (Pvt) Limited

Worked as an “Electro-medical Field Service Engineer” from 01 January 1995 to 28 Sep 1998 on different medical lab equipments.​