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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Muhammad Usman
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST - PNEC Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi
Tel : 03452369301

Reverse supply chain,management

MS in Engineering Management B.E. in Comp Engineering, NED, Pakistan

PN Engineering College (NUST) : Currently teaching as a Assistant Professor.(June09-till)
Seven Research Papers published in various indexed Journals.

Research Interests: Management topics, project management.
Seven Research Papers published in various indexed Journals.
Muhammad Usman    nil    A unique model of ISO 9000 for small and medium enterprises    The Pakistan Engineer    Institute of Engineers, Pakistan.    Regd.L.No:8070.
ISSN 1024-6223        6-(21-26)    July-Sep 2010
Muhammad Usman    Babar Akram    The Reverse Logistics Process, study to avoid or minimize loss.    Pakistan Management Review:(PIM)    Pakistan Institute of Management.    ISBN No. 960-8027    Vol.XLVI N0.3    24-(45-68)    Third Quarter 2010.
Muhammad Usman    nil    The  Effect and Role of Operations Management    Pakistan Management Review:(PIM)    Pakistan Institute of Management    ISBN NO.969-8027    Vol.XLVII No.1    11-(53-63)    First Quarter.
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Mustaqim
M. Khalid    LTE-Advanced: Requirements and Technical Challenges for 4G Cellular Network    Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences,(Canada)
(ISI Indexed).    Département d'informatique et de mathématiques/Computer Science Department Université du Québec à Chicoutimi,
555, Boulevard de l'Université, Chicoutimi, Québec,
Canada    ISSN 20798407
3    665-671    5th
May 2012
Published in Local Journals / Conference Proceedings
Muhammad Usman    nil    Krf Pulsed Laser Annealing of ZnS:Mn thin film.                                   Technocrat-NUST
    PNEC-NUST    ISSN 1728-5690    4    6-7    Aug 2012
Muhammad Usman    nil    Network and wireless communications    Technocrat-NUST
    PNEC-NUST    ISSN 1728-5690    4    2-5    Aug 2012
Muhammad Usman    nil    The Critical Impact of Operation Management    Technocrat-NUST
    PNEC-NUST    ISSN 1728-5690    4    52-57    Aug 2012
Over 7 years of teaching experience in the following universities of international repute ( Pakistan, ).

1-NUST, Karachi, Pakistan
2-DHA SUFFA University
3- Students Solution:   Worked as overseas educational consular and Ielts instructor.  (Oct08-May09)         

Courses taught:
Engineering Management, Quality Management, Entrepreneur and leadership, Supply chain, Global business and operation management, Project Management, Organizational Behaviour, Research Methods, Planning and Engineering Project Management,  ITC, ITP,software engg, prog II, Engg proj mgt.
Media Bank: As being a media monitoring company, more then 10 channels were scanned by the System Operators then they were send to me. As being a System Controller I had  to monitor the current progress of the scanned clips and  further had to generate four different kinds of customized reports which were further send to the marketing departments to deal with the clients. (Apr04-Sep04)
Indus TV  Network: Worked as a Network and system Engineer. Any problem regarding IT, I had to resolve them for the end users. (Oct04-Apr-05)
Comset Pvt Ltd: It was a game based company just like National Lottery , I was a part of technical support department, I had to provide online technical support to the customer specially the GPRS based terminal at the point of sale using the software called ELOS when ever they faced any sort of problem.(May05-Oct05)
Siemens Uk :  Worked as Data Processor Expert for Barclay Bank(UK) , dealing with regular payments of UK based customers in form of Directs Debits , Standing Orders & various other mandates regarding with their repair works and corresponding with the customer , Barclay bank and two of our offices in Glasgow and India . (Dec06-Apr08)
National Arms Pvt Ltd: Worked as a Coordination Officer & Secretary to the Managing Director. I had to correspond nationally and internationally with various personals to get the job done and this being just a part of my duties. (May 08- Sep08)