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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Mubashir Tariq
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Habib Ibrahim Rehmatulla Road, Karachi
Tel : +92 021-48503073

RF Pre-Post Optimization & Planning

Master’s in Computer Networks

​Engr. Mubashir Tariq has been working in professional industry since last 10 years on different Telecommunication Network appointments in the following areas:
•    GSM Operations
•    Performing Post Processing & Analysis of Drive Test Data
•    RF Optimization & Planning
•    Frequency distribution & effective resource utilization
•    Quality Assurance
•    Core Operations of GSM Network
•    Preparation of BENCHMARKING REPORTS
•    Antenna Optimization to suggest any change in Tilt, Azimuth or Height of antenna for optimal performance
•    GSM VAS & Other Supplementary Services Management.
MSC Network Systems University of Sunderland (UK) (2006)   
UNITS: Network Management, Wireless Communication, Network Simulation, Wide Area Network, Research, Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues, Software Based Engineering Systems.
Dissertation Topic: Operation, Configuration And Security Issues of Wireless Internet Service Providers.
BCIT (Bachelors in Computers & Information Technology) N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology (Pakistan) (2004)    
UNITS: Distributed Database Management Systems, Microsoft SQL Server, Software Engineering, Data Communications, Network Essentials, CISCO, Telecommunication, Data Warehouse, Telecommunications, System Analysis & Design, Network Security & Controls, Financial Accounting & Management etc.
​•    GSM Frequency Effective Utilization
•    Radio Frequency Optimization & Pre-Post Planning.
•    Drive Testing & Core Parameters Effectiveness in GSM System.
•    Network Authentication & Cells reallocation mechanism.
•    Optimizing Networks Resources.
​FAST (National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences)
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
Job Description
•    Teaching Advance Computer Network Topics which includes: Routing & Switching, Wireless Networks & Security and Wide Area Networks to MS Students.
•    Also planned to teach telecom subjects which includes: GSM, Mobile Communication, Radio Network Planning, RF Optimization and its techniques etc.
•    Also working as a Project Coordinator for Undergraduate final year projects.
•    Also working as a Project Supervisor for MS students.
•    Futuristic projects will be developing a mechanism for the trace of flood affected areas through mobile service or RFID.
​11 Years of Experience in Telecommunication/Networking Industry
•    Zhongxing Telecom Pakistan, (ZTE) Nov 2014- May 2016                                          (CS Core Specialist)
•    PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation Limited) Sept 2010- Nov 2014      (Manager, Quality Assurance)
•    HQ Special Communication Organization, Rawalpindi June 2007-Aug 2010              (Manager, GSM Operations)
•    British Telecommunication (England, UK) Oct 2005-Jan 2007                                     (Assistant Network Engineer)