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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN)
Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN), centred at Pakistan Naval Engineering College, NUST, is the only electric automotive society in Pakistan that has manufactured vehicles, which uses electrical power. Acknowledged internationally, the team continues to make work hard and promote the idea of electric power consumed vehicle. The foundation of team was laid in 2014 by a group of undergraduate students with the mindset of revolutionising the motorsports in Pakistan. After days and months of hard work and overcoming all the obstacles which came in the way. The team participated in two international events.
• Formula SAE International 2016
• IMechE Formula Student 2018
At Formula SAE Electric, US, Team FERN became the first team from Pakistan to raise the green flag on American soil. Team FERN’s electric vehicle was declared as 4th most cost-efficient vehicle at the competition out of total 120+ teams from around the globe.
​Two years later Team FERN represented Pakistan at Silverstone in a competition called IMechE Formula student, UK with second EV. Formula Student UK is annually held at the Silverstone Circuit, known as the "Home of British Motor Racing". Silverstone is the current venue of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948. Silverstone is built on the site of a World War II Royal Air Force bomber station, RAF Silverstone, which was opened in 1943. The airfield's three runways, in classic WWII triangle format, lie within the outline of the present track.
Formula Student, UK is a five-day competition comprising of Statics and Dynamics events. These events are further divided into:
Static Events:
• Engineering Design, Cost and Manufacturing, and Business Presentation Judging
• Technical and Safety Scrutineering
• Tilt Test
• Brake and Noise Test
Dynamic Events:
• Skid Pad 
• Sprint
• Acceleration
• Endurance 
• Fuel Economy
The competition began with all the teams giving final touches to their cars at their respective pit stations. Each morning all the drivers were to attend a safety meeting by event’s safety marshals. The Scrutineers and the judges met with all the participants. 
Afterwards, The Business Presentation Event took place which was judged by leading experts from automotive industry. The judges were impressed by the team’s business proposal and lauded the hard work and efforts of the team.
Team FERN was then evaluated on the basis of Cost & Manufacturing and then Engineering Design of the vehicle by the scrutineers. Team FERN did fairly well on both.
There were quite a few hurdles along the way. The team was bearing the consequences of financial constraints and a cyclone hitting the layover port for the vehicle had put a huge dent in the team’s spirits. After spending months perfecting the accumulator container design, which houses the batteries, the team had to completely redesign after reaching UK as the batteries could not be shipped after the cyclone incident. 
In spite of all the setbacks, the team did lot of untiring work, and adjustments, and earned the Chassis sticker. At the closing ceremony Team FERN was notably mentioned by event judges for their tireless work and innovation in the batterie’s container.
Formula Student UK 2018 was a supremely useful learning process. It gave Team lots of insights regarding the competition and the future of electric vehicles. The feedback from the judges has provided the team with new motivation for the development of new and better car. This will ensure that the 2020 vehicle is more competitive whilst also allowing the 2018 vehicle to be utilized in driver practice and marketing events.
After the team’s return from the competition, it led many campaigns, social events, workshops, and roadshows to not just bring revolution but awareness as well. Team FERN believes in spreading awareness among the youth as today’s awareness is the first step towards tomorrow’s revolution.