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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Dr Novera Ansar
Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Habib Rehmat Ullah Karsaz Road
Tel : +92-333-2144373


PhD (Management) Karachi University, MS in Management (2009) From SZABIST,MBA (1998) From Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences

Dr Novera Ansar is a committed and dedicated person with about 12 years of work experience at various institutions. Possess excellent class management, verbal and written communication skills, with effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating and motivating learning environment. Dr Novera has the potential to work in a managerial role or as part of team and has the ability to successfully work in competitive positions. 

•    Communicative and people oriented
•    Optimistic, motivated and hard-working
•    Have out-of- the-box  thinking
•    Pacifist
•    Honest and candid
•    Problem solving attitude
•    Have a good learning curve
•    Have good reasoning skills and critical thinking
•    Have diversified interests with coherent pattern

Skill Set
•    Proficient at anchoring programs/Compeering
•    Administratively strong
•    Good training skills
•    Ability to work in a team as well as individually
•    Ability to meet specified deadlines
•    Flexible and adaptable in different cultures and climate
•    Pretty good at formulating and delivering speeches
•    Good presentation skills
•    Good organizational and comprehension skills
•    Extremely organized and good at time management.
•    Analytical and research skills developed through completing papers in research methodology.

Core Competencies
•    Profound knowledge of the subject areas and ability to teach students by using various methods.
•    Analytical approach and ability to research.
•    Skilled in collecting the study material and chunking it in a proper way.
•    Strong commitment with the job.
•    Ability to grasp new concepts in less time.
•    Possess knowledge about the internal administrative tasks that are performed within institutions.
•    Take interest in designing of new courses and materials.
•    Participated in the interviewing of potential students.
•    Ability to maintain high standards of behavior and discipline amongst students.
•    Able to contribute to the intellectual life of an academic organization.
•    Willing to take responsibility for the quality of teaching delivered and to make necessary changes to improve quality and maintain standards.
•    Able to organize conferences and establish contacts with the wider academic community.
Independent Studies & Research Papers
  • Current Challenges & Issues of Capacity Building in the Development Sector of Pakistan
  • Leader-Followership: A Case Study of Advertising Industry Employees in Karachi 
  • Knowledge Management Practices in FMCG multinationals in Karachi
  • Perceived Behavioral Control and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Inclination of Non-Business (Engineering) Students: An Interpretative Study in Karachi.
  • Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intentions---Paper presented in Rome in a conference in Sep, 2013.

Studies Supervised
Improving Service Quality and Optimizing Operations in Tip Top Drycleaners by using Quality Control Tools

Current Areas Of Research Interest
  • E-leadership
  • Talent Management
  • Knowledge Management and its Tools 
  • Human Capital Management
  • Capacity Building of organizations
  • Making use of self-made ideology to gain the positive results and obtain personal development goals.
  • Study Sociology as it contributes to an understanding and knowledge of some of the issues affecting communities and cultural groups.
  • Enjoy attending conferences, seminars and conference etc for personal growth. 
  • Talent and Talent Management: Definition and Issues , IBT Journal of Business Studies, Volume 14(2), 213-230, 2018,
  • E-leadership and its Impact on Virtual Teams. Research Journal, Vol 3, pg 20-36, 2015. ISSN: 2305-557X
  • Managing Global Human Resources: An Effective Set of Instruments , Journal of Business Strategies, 2015, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp13-22
  • Perceived Behavioral Control and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Inclination of Engineering Graduates in Karachi: An Interpretative Study in Karachi , Journal of Independent Studies and Research, 2014, Vol. 12, No. 1,pp 45
  • Impact Of Green Marketing On Consumer Purchase Intention— Journal of social sciences, 2013, Vol. 4, No11 pp.650-655, Conference And Paper Presentation on Human & Social Sciences (ICHSS) In Rome
  • Knowledge Management Practices in Multinational Corporations Journal of Independent Studies and Research, 2012, Vol. 10, N0. 2, pp 23-31
  • Current Challenges & Issues Of Capacity Building In The Development Sector Of Pakistan--MS Research Topic
  • Leader-Followership: A Case Study of Advertising Industry Employees in Karachi---MS Research Topic 
  • 8th Istanbul Seminars and Workshops May 26-30, 2015-----“Politics Beyond Borders--- The Republican Model Challenged by the Internationalization of Economy, Law and Communication".  (Held in Istanbul,Turkey)
  • 9th Istanbul Seminars and Workshops May 24-28, 2016---“Religion, Rights and the Public Sphere" (Held Istanbul,Turkey).
Have taught MS, MBAs, BBAs, Initial Modules of CA & ACCA  and ‘A’ Levels in the following institutes:
  • NUST: Organisational Behaviour ,Professional Ethics, Project Management, Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • Bahria University: Sociology, Anthropology
  • ZABIST Institute of Business and Technology: Business Communication
  • Preston University: Management & Marketing related subjects
  • BIZTEK, Institute of Business and Technology: Sociology, Management and Marketing related courses and writing /reading skills
  • Socrates O & A Level School: Business Management and Sociology
  • Institute of Business Professionals affiliated with ICAP: Various courses of CA, ACCA and CAT Programmes, Managing People, Office Procedures, Functional English, Business Communications and Behavioral Sciences
  • KASBIT: Management, Marketing, Business Studies, Sales Management, Service management Consumer Behaviour

Courses Taught
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Sociology
  • Professional Ethics
  • ​HR Development & Training       
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • HRM
  • Management & Marketing Related Courses
  • Consumer Behaviour​​

Workshops Conducted
  • Speaker for Women Engineers of Pakistan on Work- Life Balance
  • Speaker for Women Engineers of Pakistan on a module of Bridging the gender gap in Pakistan
  • Soft Skill speaker for NGO—Madaris Project by USAID 
  • Communication Skills and HRM courses for Multinational and Local companies in PNEC Campus
  • Mentor / Judge for DICE-INVENT—Organized By IBA-CED (Centre for Entrepreneurial Development)---19th & 20th Dec,2015
  • Speaking session on “Globalization and Emergence of Virtual Teams and E-Leadership”
  • Speaker at Pakistan Navy (Rahnuma & HQ Fost            ) & Pakistan Air Force (Air War College)
  • Workshops conducted for HEC- Higher Education Commission (Citizenship and other soft skills modules)  
  • Series of workshops held at STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN including:
    • Development Course for Managers
    • Principles of Good Management
    • Project Development for Managers 
    • Maintenance Management 
    • Stress Management & Time Management

2005-2006: Civilian In-charge - HRM Wing, PNS Rahnuma, Pakistan Navy
•  Basic responsibilities include training, workshops & instruction of officers. 
•  Administration of the department (examination and evaluation, training programs, exam papers, updating syllabus, arranging workshops)
•  Have the credit of developing 4 training books on HRM, Leadership and Communication Skills. Have also developed Data Bank for Officers’ evaluation.

2000-2002​: Deputy Head, Aureole High School (O & A Levels)

Dec 1998-Aug 2000: Training and Management/Administrative Experience (Corporate Sector)
•  Standard Chartered Bank--- Training of sales team
•  At Gerry’s International (Pvt.) Ltd (GSA of Northwest Airlines, Oman Air, Kenya Air and KLM)
•  Training & Monitoring of Sales Team, preparing and implementing marketing plans           
•  At Gerry’s Net  -Marketing of ISP and handling corporate clients
•  Joint promotions
•  Coordinating all the stations of 7 various cities
•  Took care of customer care department 
•  Dealt in press releases, advertisements and all the other matters of marketing etc.