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2nd Naval Engineering Conference (NEC)
A conference titled Naval Engineering Conference (NEC) is scheduled at Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) which is a constituent college of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) on 14th October 2013 in Karachi.  This conference is second of the series. NEC offers juncture for the researchers, scientists and engineers to deliberate on challenging applications and present their thoughts. The objective of conference is to develop awareness and solution of engineering problems accounting for all the complex couplings involved in the physical description of the problems.

Conference will include invited lectures from experts in the field of mentioned subject areas. A special session will also be included for alternate energy resources in marine sector. Various multidisciplinary topics to be covered in the conference and time lines of the event are specified in the enclosed poster. The details of topics, important dates and further updates can also be viewed at URL: www.neconf.com2nd Naval Conf.png