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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Student Projects
1-     Vibration Analysis of Gears with Shafts Misalignment.

2-     Develop a mathematical correlation between fatigue crack life of materials operating at their resonant frequency.

3-     To analyze the Effect of Lubricant Color during Online Image Based Wear Debris Material Diagnosis.

4-     Mechanical Characterization of Honey Comb Sandwich Panels.

5-     Designing and Simulation of a Hydraulic System for a 6-DOF Motion Platform.

6-     Experimental Study of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator to Produce Constant Frequency and Constant Voltage Power in a Stand-Alone Wind Turbine. (Externally Funded: HEC)

7-     Designing & Fabrication of a 2 kW Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Power Pilot Project at the Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi. (Externally Funded: HEC)

8-     Total Water Management – (External consultation work, Funded by Novartis Pharmaceutical Private Limited)

9-     Exergy analysis of solar Desalination Systems (Externally funded: PSF).

10-  Analysis of Lenz wind Turbine

11-  Optimization of Ocean Wave Energy Converter.

12-  Numerical Simulation of Nano-fluids for heat transfer enhancement.

13-  Numerical Simulation of Textured surface heat exchangers.


1-     Vibration Analysis of Gears with Shafts Misalignment.

2-     Mechanical Characterization of Honey Comb Sandwich Panels.

3-     Designing and Fabrication of Torsion Gear Load Mechanism.

4-     Performance Study of a 1 kW Solar PV Plant, Over Long Periods of Time.  (Externally  Funded: PEC )

5-     Numerical Study of the Non-linear Unsteady Flow Problem in a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
6-     Computer Simulations of the Non-linear Unsteady Flows in a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Giromill)
7-     Design and fabrication of Double slope triangular enclosure solar collector for community heating.

8-     Design and fabrication of Ocean wave energy converter using hydraulic Pressure.

9-     Study of Solar Desalination system using hydrostatically sustained vacuum.


1-     Design and fabrication of Stair climbing electric wheelchair for disable person.


1-     Numerical simulation of premixed flames subjected to acoustic oscillations.

2-     Numerical Simulation of bluff body non premixed flames.