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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
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PNEC, Karachi
MUNINP II is a work -intensive long weekend of youth diplomacy and leadership development designed to embody a sense of community and belongingness of the participants to their fellow individuals by working together under a single banner amongst students from Pakistan and across the globe. It encourages active involvement in branching and outsourcing their skills to the wider community and fosters a sense of connection and indifference between fellow students. PNEC, the NUST's Karachi chapter, being a naval unit also fosters the interaction between civilian and military students.
The dates of the event are 12th,13th,14th and 15th November 2015.
The event will cater 3 social events:
SATRANGI- On 13th November:Satrangi is a cultural festival; You will be experiencing Pakistan's cultural representation in an exclusive manner, from jaw dropping rides to mouth watering Pakistani cuisines, we would leave no stone unturned. You will also be provided with different activites such as kite flying, cultural dance etc. Gather your cultural dress and represent it in the most awesome manner.
SHAB-E-SUROOR:On 14th NOVEMBER:Are you ready to drown into an ocean of hymns and get your soul revitalized and enchanted on this exquisite night of purity and mysticism?
MUNINP II presents you Afzal Sabri as the main performer of our second social event.
THE event will mark its end with a formal dinner and an award ceremony.
For more info about MUNINP2 Event please click for the website MUNINP2 or Facebook Page