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The rules pertaining to the issue/ receipt of books through Book Bank are appended below:

 1. Only the prescribed textbooks / textbooks recommended by the faculty members are kept in the Book Bank Section.

 2. All students are required to submit 01 photograph (1.5” x 1.5”) and their particulars for their Book Bank membership.

 3.Books from the Book Bank will be issued for a maximum period of one semester to the students of BE degree classes only on payment of 10% of the total cost of book on first come first basis.

 4. If any book is damaged, defaced, pages torn / turned or mutilated at the time of return of book then such books will not be accepted and member will have to replace the same or pay actual / current cost of the book.

 5. In case of loss / misplace of book, a member is required to return the same book (Title, Author, edition, original / local) to the Book Bank otherwise member has to pay actual/current cost of the book.  The amount collected will be used to purchase new copy of the same book from the local market and remaining amount will be deposited in Book Bank A/C.

 6. In case the lost / misplaced book is obsolete and not available from the market then the whole amount is to be deposited in the Book Bank A/C and the book is to be charged off from the Book Bank / Library Accession Ledger after recommendation through Muster Committee and approval of the Commandant.

 7. If any book is found with loose binding at the time of return then the student is required to pay Rs.60/- as the binding charges. The amount collected will be deposited in the Book Bank A/C.

 8. No student is allowed to take two books of same type from the Book Bank.

 9. Students are to return all the books and take clearance from the Book Bank prior proceeding on terminal leave or leaving college.​