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1.  All staff officers, faculty members (other than the visiting) and students on joining the college automatically assume the membership.  However, they will be required to get the membership cards issued from the library after submission of photographs and their particulars.

2.  Visiting instructors can seek membership of the library after approval from the respective Dean/HOD Library. 

3.  Staff Officers/Faculty Members can borrow up to 20 books per semester. 

4.  PG/UG Students can borrow 07 books for 15 days. 

5.  A fine of Rs.10/- per day per book will be charged from members, if they keep books beyond the return date.

6.  Reference Material including Thesis and Project Reports will not be issued. However in case of extreme requirement the same can be issued after approval of respective Project Supervisor/ Concerned DEAN. 

7.  All Members shall be liable to pay current cost of any lost book.

8.  The book once borrowed may be re-issued only after its physical muster provided that the book is not required by other members.

9.  In case a book is urgently required by the library, the member has to return the book to the library immediately.

10. Members are not allowed to mark the pages with ink/pencil or tear them off from the book. Such books will not be accepted and member will have to replace the same book (Title, Author, edition, original / local) to the library otherwise member has to pay  actual/ current cost of the book.  The amount collected will be used to purchase new copy of the same book from the local market and remaining amount is to be deposited in relevant A/C.

11. College library follows an open shelf library system.  All members are required to search and draw the books at their own.

12. Membership of borrower will be cancelled, if they do not return books in time.Members leaving college / transfer are not allowed to transfer their books in the names of other members.